2014 NHC Players’ Committee

The NHC Players’ Committee is comprised of individuals of various ages from geographically diverse locations throughout the United States and Canada. The committee does not set NHC policies. Rather, it serves as an important idea incubator and sounding board on a range of tournament and Tour issues. The goal of the committee to represent the viewpoints of all NHC Tour members. Feel free to reach out directly to anyone on the committee if you have any questions or thoughts about the NHC.

Players’ Committee Representative with E-mail Address

Chris Larmey, Chairman (Wash.)

Dennis Decauwer, Vice Chairman (Calif.)

Stanley Bavlish (Va.)

Michael Beychok (La.)

Amy Brantley (Ark.)

Ross Gallo (Fla.)

Mitch Schuman (N.Y.)

Paul Shurman (N.Y.)

Chris Skinner (Can.)

George Smith (Ill.)

Jim Templin (Pa.)

Hal Wafer (Nev.)

Judy Wagner (La.)

Cara Yarusso (Minn.) 

NTRA NHC Contacts

Michele Ravencraft

(859) 422-2657

Keith Chamblin

(859) 422-2645