Racing Terms

  • Farrier


    Horseshoer, blacksmith. Also called a "plater."

  • Fetlock


    Joint located between the cannon bone and the long pastern bone, also referred to as the “ankle.”

  • Filly


    Female horse four-years-old or younger.

  • Finish Line

    Finish Line

    The end point of a race. Also referred to as the “wire”.

  • Foal


    A horse of either sex in its first year of life.

  • Forearm


    Area of the foreleg located between the elbow joint and the knee (carpus), which is made up of the radius bone and the ulna.

  • Forelock


    Lock of mane hair that falls forward from the poll (top of the head) to just above the horse's eyes.

  • Front-runner


    A horse whose running style is to attempt to get on or near the lead at the start of the race and to continue there as long as possible.

  • Frontside


    The area of the racetrack open to the public where races are viewed in the afternoon.

  • Furlong


    An eighth of a mile.

  • Futurity


    A race for two-year-olds in which the owners make a continuous series of payments over a period of time to keep their horses eligible. Purses for these races vary but can be considerable.

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