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On July 9 it was announced EquiLottery, a new venture combining the lottery and horse racing, will soon be available to fans.

EquiLottery will work much like a regular lottery with a person buying a “quick pick” ticket, which will randomly pick a series of horses in that day’s race and satisfy the lottery’s definition as a game of chance. While the player will not be able to pick their own horses, the person will know which race they are betting on and the bet they have made.

The pools offered to players will be much like the bets they can make at the track, including trifectas and superfectas, among others. While only one race will be available for a single race bet, the company is also looking at the possibility of having multi-race wagers, such as the Pick 6, as well. Each bet goes into two different pools, with $1 connected to the overall pool for the race and part of the other dollar of the $2 bet added to a pool available only to EquiLottery players.

Brad Cummings, the founder of EquiLottery, created the program to develop new fans after realizing how hard the sport can be to understand.

“When I helped co-create [online news source] Paulick Report, I literally didn't know what a furlong was,” Cummings said. “So as you can imagine, my learning curve was quite steep. Had I not been forced to learn the nuances of the game, I'm not confident I would have and I'm not alone. EquiLottery creates a simplified, easy-to-understand way to play the races for the novice player. It also increases the exposure of the sport. Imagine a horse racing display at the hundreds of thousands of lottery terminals around the country.”

While EquiLottery takes the handicapping out of betting the races by only allowing gamblers to bet on a randomly selected horse, Cummings hopes that it will bring more exposure to the sport, in turn bringing new fans in as well.

“One of the reasons I developed this game was to build a greater audience for racing so if an EquiLottery player becomes engaged in the handicapping process, we are good with that result as well,” he said “We just hope they'll handicap the EquiLottery race of the day!”

For more information about EquiLottery, visit

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