Congratulations on winning your 2021 NTRA National Horseplayers berth. Your prize package includes an airfare reimbursement up to $400. You must return a W-9 (W-8 if Canadian resident) and a copy of your flight receipt by February 28, 2021 to be reimbursed.

Airfare reimbursements are for participants only. There is no reimbursement for baggage fees or upgrades on flights or ground transportation while in Las Vegas. If you are driving to the event, please contact Michele Ravencraft at for additional instructions.

Note: If you have provided us a W-9 or W-8 within the last three years, you do not have to resubmit unless you have moved. If you are unsure if you have sent one to us, please go ahead and provide it.

W-9 Form
W-8 Form (Canadian Residents)