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Tom McHugh Sr

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Have been betting and configuring horses and charts for more than 40 years.. I love messing with the Beyer's to try and make the most sense of them and how properly to use them in conjunction with the par & track variant. Any speed figure rating with 5 plus point over the others is almost a guarantee at least in the money with a perfect trip. 2015/2016 I qualified to Vegas..Was in the top 20 going into the 3rd day..Very first race on day 3 (Sunday)..I had a 22-1 wire the field..But had a slight bump leaving the gate..Yup you guessed it.. Placed out of the money... That win would have put into the Round Table...As it was, I made into the Consolation Contest..And ended up 20 th putting a bunch of 100$ bills in my pocket..Better than a sharp stick in the eye I guess... Carson City Tom




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