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Welcome to the 2018 NHC Tour

The NHC is world’s richest and most prestigious handicapping tournament of the year for horseplayers and is the culmination of a year-long series of NTRA-sanctioned local tournaments conducted by racetracks, casino race books, off-track betting facilities, and horse racing and handicapping websites, each of which sends its top qualifiers to the national finals.

Each year, the NHC winner joins other human and equine champions as an honoree at the Eclipse Awards. The most recent NHC offered record prize money and awards totaling more than $2.9 million. #NHC19 will be held February 8-10, 2019, at Treasure Island Las Vegas.

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What Qualifiers look forward to at the NHC

The NHC tournament is an awesome experience for a horse player. You have the best handicappers in the world in one room & I look forward to the buzz in the room when the first mandatory race goes off, it is electric!

Stephen Luca

Meeting up with friends and sharing stories with fellow contest players who have also qualified this year and just the overall pure excitement of the NHC itself.

Dave Ritchie

It’s my favorite event of the year, and I really enjoy connecting with everyone that I only see once a year.

Dan Flanigan

It was a bucket list item to join the tour and make it to the NHC. There are so many great handicappers who I admire and it will be an honor to be in the same room with them.

Gary Fenton

The NTRA puts on a great event. Looking forward to seeing all the participants and hopefully a successful tournament!

Gary Wright

The challenge of playing in the tournament – 3 days of handicapping against a field of competitors that have all earned the privilege to play for the championship.

Greg Bone

First time I walked into the contest room at Treasure Island, I was completely in awe. There were so many people and the excitement filled the room.

John Farrar

Just being there.
Since it’s my first year I just want to take it all in. Knowing how hard it is to qualify for the NHC, I’m not sure when I’ll be back.

Mark Vitaliano

I love the event overall.
I have been looking forward to it since I qualified in February on Horsetourneys…. while I was ice fishing.

Mike Yurczyk

The camaraderie and fellowship among players. It is always fun to see some you haven’t in a while and to spend time taking on the arduous task of preparing for the NHC.

Nick Tammaro

I’m just looking forward to the “whole” experience–the VIP treatment we receive, seeing some of the big names in the tournament game, and, of course, the great competition.

Robert Gilbert

The atmosphere in the room, there’s nothing like it.

James Beaumier

Just finally arriving. I feel that I have worked so hard and finally accomplished this goal of qualifying. After arriving, it’s game on.

David Goodhand

Participating in such a large & prestigious tournament with others that enjoy the sport as much as I do.

Brett Johnson

There is no doubt that this is the most prestigious handicapping event in the country and winning would be an award like no other.

Rich Pawlowski

The tournament is a “first-class” environment and so well organized it is always fun to participate.

Timothy Yohler

Just the general excitement of playing in the Championship against a lot of names I have followed over the past 5 years.

Michael Holland

Final Table Leaderboard

1Chris Littlemore-1348.3
2Keith Fenton-1315.1
3Garett Skiba-1314
4Tom Noone-1287.6
5Stephanie Schmidt-1277.9
6Scott Carson-1267.8
7Gloria Kahlden-1262.5
8David Watts-2260.7
9John Roe-1260.1
10Daniel Hart-1256.1


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Semifinal Leaderboard

1Chris Littlemore-1326.3
2Keith Fenton-1292.7
3Garett Skiba-1286.6
4Stephanie Schmidt-1270.5
5Scott Carson-1263.4
6Tom Noone-1262.6
7David Watts-2260.7
8John Roe-1260.1
9Gloria Kahlden-1258.7
10Daniel Hart-1256.1
11Ernest Powers-1255.9
12Jonathan Zvara-1254.8
13Paul Langley $1M-1253.7
14Clay Sanders-2252.9
15Stephen Albano-1249.7
16Pete Manzo-1244.4
17Michael Ryan-1244
18Mike Yurczyk **-2242.7
19Jon Lindo-1242.5
20Frank Gryboski, Jr.-1241.1
21Stephanie Davis-2240.7
22Duke Matties-2238.7
23Terry Cook **-2236.4
24Matthew Ransdell-1236.2
25George Bickey-1236.1
26Brian Herrity-1234.5
27Steve Nemetz-1233.7
28Dave Decauwer-1233.4
29Chris Podratz-1231.4
30George Chute-1230
31Jeff Bussan **-2228.4
32John Farrar-1227.3
33Ed Lawless-2226.3
34Chris Williams-1224.6
35TJohn Nichols-1224.3
35TNicholas Tammaro-1224.3
37Joe Johnson-1223.7
38Chuck Grubbs-1222.8
39Matthew Garofolo-1222
40Timothy Hughes-1220.8
41TMark Vitaliano-1220.3
41TJoe Scanio-1220.3
41TSteve Rooney-1220.3
44William Holmes-1219.5
45Philip Lam **-1219.4
46Tyler Hoffman-1219.1
47Jose Raphael **-1218.5
48Joe Pettit **-1216.8
49Jeff Joffrion-1214.2
50Mitch Schuman **-1212.1
51Barbara Stubblebine-1211
52Frank Mustari-2209.6
53Don Allen-1207.2
54Paul Shurman **-2207
55Steve Arrison **-1206.4
56Roger Cettina **-2201.6
57Frank Perri-1201.4
58Terry Cook **-1201.2
59Robert Chappo-1198.5
60Scott Boudreaux-1198.2
61Mark Odorisio-1197.5
62Greg Helm-1197
63Joe Scanio-2195.7
64Darren Yarwood-1194.7
65Todd Faro-1193.6
66Peter Deys-1191.8
67Jonathon Kinchen-1187.2
68Dennis Desenberg-1186.1
69Kenny Shaw-2181.3
70Dennis Klein-2173.4

Consolation Leaderboard

PlaceNameTotal points
1P J MATTIES-1100.8
2L KAHLDEN-2100.6
3R GOODALL-285.2
4R HAFNER-184.8
7E PETERS-180.8
9R GROSE-180.3
10MIC MARTIN-179.4
11W SHURMAN-178.8
12C MOORE-178.4
13J HOUSTON-176.2
14K HARRELL-175.6
15B REILLY-174.6
16A NORING-174.4
17L KING-173
18TI CLARK-172.6
19G FENTON-172.4
20P SLUIS-272.4
21G RITZA-170.5
22B BRUCATO-169.8
23T YOHLER-169.4
24RON RIOS-169.4
25JAR HENRY-168.8
26D HERRERA-267.8
27M ENGLER-267.6
28W COOK-167
29P DRESENS-266.6
30V BAIR-164
31K T COX-263.6
32R MORETTI-163.4
33J OUGH-163
35D SPEAKS-161.6
36W SMITH-161.2
37C KAUFMAN-159.8
38J BUCKLEY-159.6
39M FIENBERG-159.6
40GE DUARTE-259.4
41B KNOWLES-158.8
42B BUCKLEY-158.6
43A CLARK-158.4
44B WOLFGRAM-157.6
45B GERSON-157.2
46B ENG-157.2
47B WAGNER-157
49R FAVIRE-155.6
50C OLSSON-155.2
51D J KAPLAN-155.2
53T STUPKA-155
54J PITTMAN-154.6
55R REIDY-254.4
56E ROBINSON-153.6
57R J SKOTZ-153.6
58V STAUFFER-253.2
59C FALLICA-251.9
60J WAGNER-251.6
61E PINEIRO-151.4
62A AKSOY-251.2
64M MILLER-250.8
65T TIMLICK-150.7
66V STAUFFER-150.7
71G BLAIR-150
72M MC GUIRE-249.8
73S NELSON-149.8
74D TURNER-149.8
76M EISEN-149.6
77M LEVY-149.4
79J KOURY-149.4
81C FALLICA-149.3
82ED REIDY-249
83J PERRY-149
85L CONSTAN-147.8
86Gene Paul Seul47.4
87J WARD-SMITH-147.2
88P BEHR-147
89N GINES-147
90D NELSON-146.8
91ML DUGGER-146.8
92ST IRWIN-146.4
93M MARLAIRE-146.4
96R RAMIREZ-145.8
97Terrence Ostrowski45.8
98E CARBAJAL-145.7
99M ACHE-245.5
100K KINGSBURY-145.3
101B WIENER-245.2
102J FISHER-145.2
103N KOCHANSKI-145.2
107J ARIAS-244.8
108W LONG-244.8
109G BONE-244.7
110S SCALCO-144.6
111S LUCA-144.6
112T CALABRESE-144.6
113S BAVLISH-144.2
114L SWALM-144.2
115D HORVAT-143.8
116G FENTON-243.6
117C SUTCH-143.6
118D SULLIVAN-143.6
119B ANDERSON-143.6
121B REILLY-243.4
122M STREIFF-143.2
123R ARSENAULT-243.2
124R EDWARDS-143
126T O CONNOR-142.8
127CH GOODALL-142.8
128CH MYERS-242.4
129D SPERO-142.4
130A BRANTLEY-142.4
131P RUNYAN-241.9
133E BRIGGS-141.4
134W MEISEL-141.4
135D SPERLING-141.2
136J MEEKS-141
137R MASTERTON-140.8
138T ZHOU-140.6
139W COLLIER-140.2
140G COOMBS-140
141Phillip Millstein39.8
142J KRAMER-139.6
143P BELANGER-139.4
144S MC NATTON-239.2
145C MORROW-139.2
146H ANDREWS-139
147G CAHALAN-138.8
148C APOSTOLOS-138.8
149PA HUGHES-138.8
150P PARKER-138.8
152J DOYLE-138.3
153M RAY-138.2
154K T COX-138.2
156D CHUNG-137.8
157J JARVIE-137.6
158D DECAUWER-137.6
159AL COPELAND-137.6
160G THOMAS-137
161CR HOM-137
163E MOOMEY-137
164C WELCH-237
165P DRESENS-137
166T STILES-237
167M BUSER-137
168M ENGLER-137
169J EVANS-136.7
170S ABELMAN-136.7
171E DEMARZON-136.6
172A LAURINO-136.6
173M RICHARDS-236.6
174J ATOK-136.6
175Joel Wincowski36.6
176M THOMAS-136.4
177T ARNDT-136.4
179K BASSORE-136
180A TREZZA-135.8
181JO HURD-135.8
182S ALIPIO-135.8
184J PETERSEN-135.4
185J CONNELLY-235.2
186R GILBERT-235.2
187L PELTZ-135.2
188S KANTOR-135.2
189P ATWELL-135.2
190B TROOP-135
191M STREIFF-235
193E OSTERHOUT-134.8
194B JOHNSON-134.6
195G MACHIZ-134.6
196R ENGELHARD-134.4
197J KINGSBURY-134.2
198V BUCARIA-134.2
199J GASPAR-233.7
200J PERRY-233.6
201C DEWEY-133.2
202J GOODMAN-133
203J SUKANICK-132.8
204M GRAMM-132.8
205RAY MILLER-132.8
206J ALONZO-132.6
207D POURCIAU-132.6
208P STICH-132.4
209M WAY-132.4
210J BESECKER-132.2
211L HAUSMAN-132.2
212M H HARTSELL-132.2
213C MEYER-131.8
214MA RENTZE-231.6
215R BARBARO-131.6
216C. BERNHARDT-131.6
217GE DUARTE-131.6
218R HALVEY-131.3
219B IKE-131.2
220J MCCLENIN-131.2
221C TAYALA-130.8
223J BEAUMIER-130.6
224E MOOMEY-230.4
225K BARTH-130.4
227W KENNEDY-130.2
228G BONE-129.9
229B COURTNEY-129.6
230S WIENER-229.6
231M FERROZZO-129.4
232GE TURNER-129.4
233A TREZZA-229.4
234N BRISTOW-129.4
235W ATWELL-129.4
236S GOODALL-229.2
237K DAVIS-129.2
238W SHURMAN-228.8
239A GARAFALO-128.8
240J TOBIN-128.6
241T MALOOF-128.2
242T ZHOU-228
243C GEONIEE-127.7
244D SLATTERY-127.6
245J WAGNER-127.4
246M ACHE-127.4
247GA BAIN-127.4
248M BEYCHOK-127
249W COLLIER-227
251P HOFFMAN-127
252J BLEVINS-126.8
253D WENZL-126.8
254M RUDY-126.8
255M STRUTZEL-126.8
256T GASPER-126.8
257JEFF HO-126.6
258T MALOOF-226.4
260B PRATT-126.4
261B ANDERSON-226.2
262R TRAYNOR-126.2
263R BROTH-126
264L MCGUIRE-125.9
265B JOHNSON-225.8
266D STROM-125.6
267J VAN NIEL-125.6
268G LYONS-125.6
269D MCCARTY-125.6
270J MCKAY-125.2
271K COSTELLO-225.2
272D LACY-125.2
273Stephen Meier25.2
275R FELDMAN-125
276Ron Tackett24.9
277ED TEICHT-124.8
278RI NILSEN-124.4
279G HOUSTON-124.4
280CH MYERS-124.2
281G CARR-124.1
283S WOODEN-123.8
284M ROMANO-123.6
285B DEVITO-123.6
286ST WOLFSON-123.6
287B CLAYTON-123.4
288F KLEINERTZ-123.4
289E LOHN-123.2
290B FAY-123.2
292D NICHOLS-123
294A DEVITO-223
295J EINARDT-123
296J AVILA-122.8
297K WILLET-122.8
299B WIENER-122
300T AVERILL-121.6
301W KENNEDY-221.6
302J MEEKS-221.4
303R BUSER-121.4
304B KUBIK-121.3
305P R STRAUSS-121.2
306J HALL-121.2
307F CLEMENTS-121.2
308J IANNONE-121.2
309R TURNER-121.2
310S MERWITZ-121.2
311RA GALLO-221.2
312K JACOB-121.2
313K RICHARDS-121.2
314T STILES-121.2
315Z MCLEOD-121.2
316P RUNYAN-121.2
317Thomas Blosser21.2
320H RUBIN-121
321R GILBERT-120.8
322E PATRICK-120.8
323G WRIGHT-120.8
324B SUMJA-120.6
325S BAVLISH-220.6
326J KIMOVE-120.6
327K DOBIECKI-120.6
328T CALABRESE-220.6
330J HARTZ-120.6
331E TROMMER-220.6
332B WOLFGRAM-220.6
333T BUSHART-120.6
335CH HELLMERS-120.6
336CH HELLMERS-220.6
337J STAUB-120.4
338D CHAVEZ-120.4
339C JOHNSON-120
340M WEBB-120
341W LONG-119.8
342R RUSSELL-119.8
343O BENJAMIN-119.8
344J MASINO-119.8
346S DIAZ-218.6
347J M CONTE-118.6
348A WONG-118.6
349D MUSTARI-118.6
350J ANDREWS-118.6
351K ENGELHARD-118.6
352S KSIONZYK-118.6
353C NORRIS-118.6
354M GIELATA-118.2
355A AIKEN-118.2
356M VITALE-118.2
357C LARMEY-118.2
358P HOEDEBECK-118.2
359C SKOTZ-118.2
360D BERGEN-118.2
361M KAVANA-118.2
362C AHL-118.2
363J ONAIL-218.2
364A AIKEN-217.8
365P SMEDING-117.8
366Thomas Blosser17.8
367J PRINCE-117.4
368M EISEN-217.4
369E OSTERHOUT-217.2
370A AKSOY-117.2
371GE BOSCH-117
372L HERRITY-117
375S GOODALL-117
376O BENJAMIN-216.8
377R MC INTYRE-116.6
378A BERNSTEIN-116.2
380B WAGNER-215.4
381J SANDLER-115.2
382D GOODHAND-114.8
384N GABBAY-114.6
385C DEWEY-214.6
386ED REIDY-114.6
387D MESSIR JR-114.6
388B COURTNEY-214.6
389J R GALLO-114.6
390T STATELER-114.6
391I HIRSCH-114.6
392J KING-114.6
393ROB RUOCCO-114.6
394L KAHLDEN-114.6
395S WIENER-114.6
396M YARUSSO-114.6
397T TAYLOR-114.6
398F SORENSEN-114.4
399R RUBIN-114.4
400F FOSS-114.4
401R VASQUEZ-114
402M FENNESSY-113.8
403D FLANIGAN-113.2
404I GENDLER-113
405K COSTELLO-112.8
406G HUBBARD-112.6
407M ODORISIO-112.6
408M RICHARDS-112.4
409C SKOTZ-212.4
410M BICKEY-112.4
411K LOZANO-112.4
412N MENDOZA-112.4
413M TROMMER-112.4
414S THOMPSON-112.4
415N. FAZZOLARI-212.4
416K BARTH-212.4
417N. FAZZOLARI-112.4
418J SEBES-112.4
420T FOX-112.4
421M GALLO-112.4
424P PARENTE-112
426David McCarty11.8
427DA RITCHIE-211.4
428R WADA-111.4
429S TURNER-111.2
430G YEE-111
431J O NEIL-110.2
432T JERGE-19.8
433P O'NAIL-19.6
434M MILLER-19.2
435F POLK-19.2
436K PERAU-19.2
438K SEEMAN-19
440D PETERSON-18.8
441J LOBOYKO-18.8
442S NELSON-28.8
443D DICKSON-18.8
445D CAMORO-18.8
446E DEICKE-18.8
447LEN HANSON-18.8
448John Strichek8.8
449C SOTO-18.6
450K JORDAN-18.6
451F SIMA-18.6
453J FISHER-28.2
454DE GATES-18.2
455T VATNE-18.2
456J GASPAR-18.2
457E PETERS-28.2
458J TURNER-18.2
460D ZARETSKY-18.2
461M ILLIES-18.2
462J UKLEJA-18.2
463M MC GUIRE-18.2
465J PERRI-18
466R BAUER-17.4
467JA ORTIZ-16.6
469T FURLONG-16.4
470F SIMA-26.4
471S JOHNSON-16.2
473A DEVITO-16.2
474M TOMATZ-16.2
475M KENNEDY-16.2
476G NIXON-16.2
477G NIXON-26.2
478RI MEISTER-16.2
479MA RENTZE-16.2
480C MCLNTYRE-16.2
481P BEGLEY-15.8
482M DEATON-15
483R PELTZ-14.6
484C OMARA-13.8
485S O'MALLEY-13.8
487A MOLINE-13.8
488A MATTERA-13.8
489B CHENVERT-13.8
490R MCKINNON-13.8
492T COOPER-13
495P SLUIS-10
500G SHAMY-10
502T BRICE-10
503W ROTH-10
504C WELCH-10
506A HASHER-10
507M WEBB-20
510S DIAZ-10
511J ONAIL-1-
517H WELSH-10
518R REIDY-10
519G NOVICK-10
521NICO COX-10
522K SEEMAN-20
523J ARIAS-10
527S EXLER-10
529S NOLAN-10
530RA GALLO-10
531G SCHUTT-10
532P NUFRIO-10
534A LEVITT-10
537P WEIZER-10
539D FORD-10
540B WUSSOW-10
542R SEIDL-10
543G LESKO-10
544DA MOORE-10
549M FELD-10
553M HAIDAR-10

Day 2 Leaderboard

1Chris Littlemore-1311.7
2Keith Fenton-1260.7
3Daniel Hart-1231.7
4Stephanie Schmidt-1227.7
5Mike Yurczyk **-2227.3
6TErnest Powers-1226.5
6TPaul Langley $1M-1226.5
8Tom Noone-1224.4
9Gloria Kahlden-1220.7
10Joe Scanio-1220.3
11Stephen Albano-1218.5
12Stephanie Davis-2217.1
13Michael Ryan-1213.6
14Scott Carson-1212.8
15Tyler Hoffman-1211.7
16Jonathan Zvara-1211.4
17David Watts-2209.6
18TChris Podratz-1208.4
18TMatthew Garofolo-1208.4
20Garett Skiba-1208
21William Holmes-1207.5
22Chuck Grubbs-1206.6
23Jeff Joffrion-1206
24John Roe-1205.3
25Pete Manzo-1204.8
26Frank Mustari-2200.6
27Frank Gryboski, Jr.-1199.3
28Jon Lindo-1198.9
29Mitch Schuman **-1197.1
30Matthew Ransdell-1196
31Jeff Bussan **-2193.8
32Steve Nemetz-1192.5
33Dave Decauwer-1192.4
34Terry Cook **-1192
35John Farrar-1191.9
36Steve Rooney-1190.7
37Frank Perri-1190.5
38Brian Herrity-1190.1
39Clay Sanders-2189.9
40Barbara Stubblebine-1188.8
41TNicholas Tammaro-1188.1
41TMark Vitaliano-1188.1
43Philip Lam **-1187
44George Bickey-1186.7
45Chris Williams-1186.6
46Dennis Desenberg-1186.1
47Ed Lawless-2185.1
48Todd Faro-1184.8
49George Chute-1184
50Terry Cook **-2183.4
51Joe Scanio-2183.3
52Steve Arrison **-1182.2
53Duke Matties-2181.7
54Robert Chappo-1181.5
55John Nichols-1181.3
56Joe Johnson-1181.2
57Don Allen-1181
58Roger Cettina **-2179.6
59Paul Shurman **-2178.2
60Joe Pettit **-1177.8
61Kenny Shaw-2177.5
62Jose Raphael **-1176.7
63Darren Yarwood-1176.5
64Timothy Hughes-1175.8
65Mark Odorisio-1175.7
66Jonathon Kinchen-1175.2
67Greg Helm-1175
68Scott Boudreaux-1174.6
69Peter Deys-1173.6
70Dennis Klein-2173.4
71George Hubbard-1172.4
72Eugene DeMarzo-1172.2
73Jason Alonzo-1171.8
74Thoeodore Gasper-1171.1
75TBlake Jessee-1170.8
75TJoel Wincowski-1170.8
77Howard Rubin-1170.1
78TBrian Knowles-1169.8
78TKarl Barth-2169.8
80Jeff Bussan **-1169.2
81TAnthony Laurino-1169
81TMike Labriola-1169
83George Carr-1168.8
84Ken Seeman-1165.8
85TDavid Nelson-1164.2
85TMonte Engler-1164.2
87Scott Exler-1164.1
88TBrian Johnson-1163.6
88TBlaise Guadagno-1163.6
90Tony Brice-1163.3
91TPat Parente-1162.3
91TMichael Romano-1162.3
93Kevin Harrell-1161.7
94TAndy Muhlada-1161.4
94TJohn Kimove-1161.4
96Steve Hartshorn-2160.8
97Manny Fennessy-1160.2
98Douglas Wenzl-1160
99Dan Mustari, Sr.-1158.9
100David Watts-1158
101Tony Calabrese-1157.9
102Donald Menaguale-1157.8
103William Shurman **-2157.7
104Karl Barth-1157.5
105Bob Gianquitti-2156.4
106Jeff Einardt-1156.1
107Jeff Kingsbury-1155.8
108Anthony Moline-1155.2
109Tom Timlick-1155.1
110Julie Loboyko-1155
111Christopher Skotz-1154.8
112Wendy Long-1154.2
113Richard Favire-1154
114David Conover-1153.7
115Chip Sutch-1153.5
116Eduardo Carbajal-1152.6
117Richard Seidl-1152.4
118Anthony Mattera-1151.7
119Rich Halvey-1151.4
120Paul Matties, Jr.-1151.3
121Jobby Blevins-1151.2
122Vic Stauffer-1151
123Peggy Atwell-1150.9
124Basil Devito-1150.8
125Jason Avila-1149.9
126Sammy Richman-1149.7
127John Strichek-1149.4
128Greg Ritza-1149.2
129Garett Skiba-2149
130Glenn Yee-1148.8
131Robert Reidy-2148.7
132TChristopher Ahl-1147.7
132TDan Flanigan-1147.7
134TRobert Traynor-1147.4
134TGeorge Shamy-1147.4
136Sarah Wiener **-2147
137Gary Fenton-1146.8
138TJohn Ukleja $1M-1146.3
138TJose Raphael **-2146.3
140TCarl Geonie-1146.1
140TNorma Mendoza **-1146.1
142Kevin Cox-1145.5
143James Ough-1145.4
144Danny Chavez-1144.7
145Adam Aiken-1144.2
146Paul Begley-1143.8
147Ron Tackett-1143.7
148Christian Orscher-1142.8
149Blaise Brucato-1142.3
150Jonathan McKinnon-1142.2
151Tony Zhou-1142
152Justin Nicholson-1141.7
153Len Hanson-1141.6
154Paul Hoffman-1140.6
155Brad Anderson-2140.2
156John Agnello-1139.6
157Jacqueline Sukanick-1138.9
158TKen Kingsbury-1138.6
158TTony Fox-1138.6
158TBrian Herrity-2138.6
161Melissa Gielata-1138.5
162Bill Duncliffe-1138.4
163TGene Cahalan-1138.2
163TJohn Iannone-1138.2
165Joe Perry-1138
166TEd Teicht-1137.7
166TAnthony Garafalo-1137.7
168Jimmie O'Nail-1137.3
169Bernard Reilly-2137.1
170Greg Knepper **-1136.8
171Charles Norris-1136.7
172Chris Podratz-2136.3
173TLynn McGuire-1136.2
173TEvan Trommer-1136.2
175Raymond Miller-1136.1
176Craig Kaufman-1136
177Randy de la Gardelle-1135.2
178Derek Strom, Jr.-1135.1
179Robin Buser-1135
180Travis Stone-1134.9
181TChristos Apostolos-1134.8
181TEvan Trommer-2134.8
183Michael Eisen-2134.6
184Robert Turner-1134
185Mark Fienberg-2132.6
186Frank Sorenson-2132.5
187Daven Turner-1132
188TSean Boarman-1130.8
188TCharles Myers **-1130.8
190Frank Story-1130.5
191Gary Fenton-2130.4
192Gary Bain-1130.2
193Greg Lesko-1129.3
194Bill Wussow-1128.8
195Jeff Sandler-1128.5
196Mark Richards-1128.3
197Robert Gilbert **-2128.2
198TKaren Richards-1128
198TJohn Ferraro-1128
200TCharles Bernhardt-1127.9
200TEric Troelstra-1127.9
202TJim Staub-1127.6
202TAlbert Wong-1127.6
204TVaughn Bair-1127.2
204TJared Henry-1127.2
206Frank Mustari-1127
207Christopher Dewey **-2126.9
208Mike Maloney-1126.7
209TTom Maloof-1126.6
209TRyan Russell-1126.6
209TAnthony Trezza-2126.6
212Richard Goodall-1126.4
213TDavid Lanzman-1126
213TKevin Perau-1126
215Matthew Rentze-1125.7
216TKevin Willett-1125.6
216TBrian Troop-1125.6
218Anson Clark-1125.4
219Ken Seeman-2125.3
220Alan Levitt-1124.9
221Ed Reidy-2124.8
222George Novick-1124.7
223James Beaumier-1124.4
224Oconnell Benjamin-1124.2
225Florine Sima-1124.1
226Robert McIntyre-1123.6
227Rock Edwards-1123.3
228TCarol Bernhardt-1123.2
228TJim Meeks-2123.2
230Joe Turner-1123
231Scott Ksionzyk-1122.7
232James Perri-1122.5
233TJohn O'Neil-1122.2
233TEric Moomey **-2122.2
235Steve Arrison **-2122
236Sam Sherman-1121.9
237Sean Nolan-1121.8
238TPaul Shurman **-1121.4
238TPatrick Runyan **-2121.4
240Mariane Buser-1121.2
241Brent Johnson **-2120.9
242Eliot Honaker-1120.8
243Greg Bone-2120.2
244Chris Fallica-2120
245Vincent Achilarre-1119.8
246Rich Nilsen-1119
247Don Chung-1118.7
248Mike Ferrozzo $2M**-1118.4
249Wendy Long-2118.1
250Berry McQueen-1117.8
251TJeannie King-1117.7
251TMichael Goodrich-2117.7
253Robert Masterton-1117.5
254Pete Sluis **-1117.4
255Ed Briggs-1117.3
256TJames Henry-1117.2
256TSteven Scalco-1117.2
258David Ritchie **-1117.1
259TMathew Levy-1117
259TOconnell Benjamin-2117
261Brett Wiener **-2116.8
262Ryan Scharnowske-1116.7
263Timothy Stupka-1116.6
264Tony Montanino-1116.5
265TMatt Strutzel-1116.4
265TFrancesca Kleinertz-1116.4
267Dino Herrera **-1116.3
268Tom Quigley-1116.2
269TNicole Cox-1116
269TDino Herrera **-2116
271Pamela O'Nail-1115.9
272TDwight Peterson-1115.8
272TRon Rios-1115.8
274TRussell Winterbotham-1115.2
274TMark Streiff-2115.2
276George Duarte-1115
277Gregg Thomas-1114.8
278TBill Rendino-2114.3
278TJohn Gaspar-2114.3
280Michael Doheny-1114.2
281Howard Welsh-1114.1
282Nick Kochanski-2113.4
283Peter Dresens-2113.3
284TBrody Wolfgram-2113
284TJon Van Niel-1113
286Mark Stovall-1112.6
287Jesus Atok-1112.2
288Tim Averill-1112
289Ali Aksoy-1111.1
290Kevin Engelhard **-2110.9
291TAli Aksoy-2110.8
291TGary Lyons-1110.8
293Trey Stiles-2110.3
294Pete Sluis **-2110.2
295Stanley Bavlish-2109.9
296Juan Benedetti-1109.3
297Bernard Reilly-1109
298Gary Wright-1108.9
299Paul Belanger-1108.8
300Eduardo Carbajal-2108.4
301Vito Bucaria-1108.3
302Kyle King-1108.2
303Curtis Morrow-1107.9
304TRobert Barbaro-1107.8
304TKenneth Lozano-1107.8
306Stephen Diaz-1107.4
307Nathaniel Gines-1107.3
308Jon Andrews-1107
309TMatthew Miller **-1106.9
309TCheryl Tayala-1106.9
311Zachery Mcleod-1106.7
312TRandall Cunningham-1106.6
312TAnthony Infante-1106.6
314Myles Richards-2106.3
315Michelle Hartsell **-1106.2
316Paul Georgian-1106
317TVic Stauffer-2105.6
317TMichael Doheny-2105.6
319Ben Clayton-1105.4
320Wayne Collier-1105.2
321Justin Mustari-1105
322TGene Paul Seyl-1104.7
322TMike Maloney-2104.7
324TJoseph Shane Tobin-1104.4
324TDaniel Zaretsky-1104.4
326Jonathan Pittman-1103.5
327Matt Trommer-1103.4
328Michael Eisen-1103.2
329Timothy Clark-1103.1
330Christopher Dewey **-1102.5
331Kerry Bassore-1102.3
332Joe McKay-1102.1
333GT Nixon-2102
334Kevin Engelhard **-1101.8
335Lawrence Swalm-1101.7
336Charles Myers **-2101.4
337Michael Holland-1101.1
338Don Speaks-1100.7
339George Bosch-1100.4
340Ed Lawless-1100.2
341James Atwood-199.9
342Mark Fienberg-199.8
343Alan Hasher-199.7
344TRene Moretti-199.4
344TRobert Ramirez-199.4
344TJimmie O'Nail-299.4
347TStephen Diaz-299.2
347TBrent Sumja-199.2
349David McCarty **-298.8
350Robert Henie-198.7
351Aaron Bernstein-198.4
352Gary Machiz-198.2
353Judy Wagner-298.1
354Brad Gerson-197.8
355Peter Dresens-197.6
356Tony Zhou-297.4
357Steve Hartshorn-197.2
358Scotty McKeever-197.1
359Paul Parker-197
360Ernest Powers-296.9
361Stephen Thompson-196.6
362TFrank Sorenson-196.4
362TMatthew Ache-296.4
362TKevin Willett-296.4
365Matthew Thomas-196.3
366TTimothy Yohler **-196.2
366TGwyn Houston-196.2
366TMitch Schuman **-296.2
369Mark Rudy-196.1
370Joe Kramer-196
371Chris Olsson-195.6
372Bob Gianquitti-195.4
373TStu Kantor-194.8
373TEdward Lohn-194.8
375Ryan Scharnowske-294.5
376Tim Darnell-194.4
377Steve McNatton-294.2
378Michael Beychok-194.1
379TTom Cooper-193.9
379TShilo Merwitz-193.9
381Robert Skotz-193.7
382Frank Polk-193.6
383Michael Odorisio-193.2
384Alan Copeland-192.8
385TMichael Goodrich-192.2
385TArtis Roque-192.2
387Daryl Pourciau-191.7
388Mike Kennedy-190.9
389Michael Way-190.8
390Alex Devito-190.7
391TChris Fallica-189.8
391TRick Vasquez-189.8
393Glen Coombs-189.6
394Donald Sperling-189.4
395TEd Robinson-189.3
395TRobert Engelhard-189.3
395TRichard Grose-189.3
398Randy Gallo Jr.-188.7
399TGreg Bone-188.6
399TAdam Aiken-288.6
401Don Beardsworth-288.4
402TAllan Schaffer-188.2
402TJoe Masino-188.2
404Ed Spaunhurst-188
405TThomas O'Connor-187.9
405TDavid Browning-187.9
407John Doyle-187.6
408Steve Nemetz-287.5
409TKevin Costello **-187.4
409TJohn Kosciak-187.4
411Shea Harrod-187
412TSteve Irwin, Sr.-186.4
412TStephanie Davis-186.4
412TDavid Nichols-186.4
412TWilliam Shurman **-186.4
416Bob Rubin-186.2
417Michael Marlaire-186
418TCharles O'Mara-185.6
418TJames Henry-285.6
420Mark Haidar-185.2
421TIan Gendler-185
421TBrett Wiener **-185
423James Hall-184.9
424Randy Bauer-184.6
425Maria Gallo-184.4
426TRichard Meister-184.2
426TNorris Bristow-184.2
426TWilliam Holmes-284.2
429Mickey Hopkins-184
430Mike Ferrozzo $2M**-283.9
431Jack Ward-Smith-183.8
432Larry Hausman-183.6
433Cheryl Kaufman-183.5
434Kelley Smith-Lawless-183.4
435Ellen Patrick **-183.2
436Paul Weizer-182.9
437TMark Feld-182.8
437TScott Nelson-282.8
439TMatthew Bickey-182.6
439TTom Arndt-182.6
439TTerrence Ostrowski-182.6
442Timothy Stateler-182.5
443TGeorge Turner III-182.4
443TGT Nixon-182.4
445Steve McNatton-182.3
446TLeo Vukmanovich-182
446TRichard Meister-282
448TDuke Matties-181.8
448TDaniel Bergen-181.8
450Brian Baird-181.7
451TJon Hurd-181.5
451TSarah Wiener **-181.5
453TMike Yarusso-181.4
453TDavid Goodhand-181.4
455Jim Goodman-181.2
456Pete Acocella-181.1
457Stephen Luca-180.8
458TJohn Connelly-180.2
458TGary Blair-180.2
460Nick Fazzolari **-280
461David Messir-179.9
462TBill Rendino-179.8
462TKenny Shaw-179.8
464Pat Nufrio-179.4
465TBrian Eng-179.2
465TRick Broth-179.2
467Terry O'Connor-178.6
468Barbara Buckley-178.5
469Steve Abelman-178.4
470TWilliam Cook-178.2
470TKyle Fitzgerald-178.2
472TTrodder Furlong-178
472TPhilip Lam **-278
474TMichael Rosenthal-177.8
474TEric Pineiro-177.8
476TGilbert Maldonado-177.6
476TRandy Gallo Jr.-277.6
476TEdward Osterhout **-277.6
479Matthew Rentze-277.4
480John Connelly-276.8
481Dan Kaplan-176.7
482Phil Hoedebeck-276.6
483Louis Constan-176.5
484Mark Deaton-176.2
485Michelle Hartsell **-276.1
486Ed Reidy-176
487Jeff Hartz-175.9
488Trey Stiles-175.6
489Rich Pawloski-175.5
490Scott Nelson-175.2
491Frank Foss-175
492Pete Acocella-274.9
493Michael Markham-174.8
494Janice Houston-174.4
495TJim Evans-174.3
495TMark McGuire-274.3
497Scott Johnson-174.2
498Arthur Guglielmo-174
499TRandy Gallo -173.6
499THewett Andrews-173.6
499TPeter Smeding-173.6
502David Wilganowski -173.4
503Chad Anshelewitz-173.3
504Jim Sebes **-172.8
505Sally Goodall **-272.4
506Amy Brantley-172
507Luke Peltz-171.8
508Chris Larmey-171.7
509TJohn Gaspar-171.2
509TBryan Wagner-271.2
511Emily Kyrillou-171
512Joseph Cicatello-170.8
513TSteve Turner-170.4
513TChad Anshelewitz-270.4
515TMatt Dugger-170.3
515TFlorine Sima-270.3
517Brody Wolfgram-170.2
518TDon Beardsworth-169.8
518TMonte Engler-269.8
520Anthony Robb-169.6
521TJeff Ho-169.5
521TRobert Gilbert **-169.5
523Robert Henie-269.4
524Peter Strauss-169.3
525Terry Jerge-169
526Joe Koury-168.8
527John Conte-168.2
528TChris Goodall-167.8
528TMark Streiff-167.8
530Paul Hughes-167.4
531Bruce Pratt-167.2
532Pat Stich-167
533Alan Bourke-166.6
534Craig Hom-166.4
535Matthew Ache-166.2
536Stephen Fitzpatrick-165.8
537Robert Schintzius-165.7
538Jim Benes-165.4
539Sam Alipio-165.2
540John Caraher-164.3
541Javier Ortiz-164.2
542Bob Ike-164
543Dennis Klein-163.8
544TEd Peters **-163.7
544TScott Blair-163.7
544TRon Ferrise-263.7
547TMark McGuire-163.2
547TMike Yurczyk **-163.2
549TKen Kasowicz-163
549TBlake Courtney-163
549TJoe Pettit **-263
552TLawrence Kahlden **-262.8
552TDane Moore-162.8
554Christian Hellmers-162.6
555Derek Dickson-162.4
556Phil Hoedebeck-162.1
557Brent Johnson **-162
558Jose Arias-161.6
559David Sullivan-161
560Timothy Vatne-160.8
561Joel Stephens-160.3
562Michael Vitale-160.2
563Christopher Fischer-159.6
564TTanya Taylor-159.4
564TMichael Sweeney-159.4
566Michael Martin-159.2
567Ray Arsenault-258.8
568Edward Osterhout **-158.7
569Dan Slattery-158.6
570Matthew Miller **-258
571TWilliam Kennedy-257.7
571TJames Petersen-157.7
573TRobert Reidy-156.8
573TSean O'Malley-156.8
575William Smith-156.7
576Mike McIntyre-156.6
577George Duarte-256.3
578Michael Harrington-155.4
579Ed Peters **-255.2
580William Meisel-153.6
581Ira Hirsch-153.3
582Nick Fazzolari **-153.1
583Frank Clements-152.4
584TLisa Herrity-152.2
584TRon Peltz-152.2
586Kenneth Dobiecki-152
587Alan Hoffman-151.6
588TSally Goodall **-151
588TAnthony Trezza-151
590Robert Talstra-150.6
591Michael Ray-150.3
592William Roth-150.1
593Michael Kavana-150
594Brian Chenvert-149.4
595TCarol Johnson-149
595TBrendan Fay-149
597Carlos Soto-148.4
598Steven Meier-148.3
599TNick Kochanski-146.6
599TJoe Johnson-246.6
601TCurtis Meyer-146
601TRon Ferrise-146
603TJohn Fisher-145.8
603TBryan Wagner-145.8
605Christy Moore-145.7
606Joe Perry-245.6
607Geoffrey Schutt-145
608Robert Engelhard-244.8
609Steve Wooden-144.7
610Faron McCubbins-144.4
611Tony Calabrese-244
612Charles Welch-143.8
613Cheryl McIntyre-143.6
614TRich Feldman-143
614TDavid Harrison-143
616Joe Jarvie-142.8
617TPhillip Millstein-141.8
617TDennis Gates-141.8
617TSteve Decaspers-141.8
620Thomas Blosser-241.4
621Terrance Bushart-140.7
622TKen Jordan **-140.6
622TKevin McFarland-240.6
624TWilliam Kennedy-140.5
624TTom Piotrowski -140.5
626TMichael Webb-140.4
626TPatrick Runyan **-140.4
626TKevin Cox-240.4
629Ken McMahan-139.9
630Alan Noring-139.8
631Eric Moomey **-139.2
632Kevin Costello **-238.6
633Clay Sanders-138.4
634Wayne Collier-238
635John Buckley-137.7
636Edward Deicke-137.6
637TKeith Davis-136.2
637TJudy Wagner-136.2
639TRobert Wada-135.4
639TScott Fitzgerald-135.4
641TRob Ruocco-135
641TJerry McClenin-135
643Peter Behr-134.6
644Daniel Horvat-134.4
645David Ritchie **-234.3
646Robert Talstra-233.2
647Steve Wolfson Jr.-133
648Mark Aylward-132.6
649Stanley Bavlish-132.2
650Blake Courtney-232
651Roger Cettina **-131.8
652TNisan Gabbay $3M-131.6
652TLawrence Kahlden **-131.6
654Steven Doodnauth-130.7
655Frank Story-230.4
656Brian Kubik-130.2
657TDaniel Camoro-130
657TJoseph Besecker-130
657TMichael Illies-130
660Myles Richards-129.4
661Steve Orecchio-129.2
662Shawn Turner-128.8
663Cara Yarusso-128.6
664Richard Goodall-228.4
665TCharles Welch-228.2
665TMarshall Gramm-128.2
667Robert Montgomery-127.9
668John Fisher-227.2
669TEric Israel-126.8
669TThomas Blosser-126.8
671Kevin McFarland-126.6
672Ron de la Gardelle-126.4
673Dennis Decauwer-126
674Linda Rodriguez-125.2
675Ron Hafner-125
676David McCarty **-123.4
677Michael Tomatz-122.4
678Eric Israel-222
679TMichael Webb-221.4
679TKarl Jacob-121.4
681Dellie Ford-119.8
682Jennifer Prince-118.2
683TDarryl Lacy-116.2
683TJim Meeks-116.2
685James Michelson-111.6
686TEddie Fitzsimons-111.4
686TWayne Atwell-111.4
688TJames Tunick-19
688TJose Arias-29
688TJames Tunick-29
691Tom Maloof-27
692Christian Hellmers-24.8
693Brad Anderson-14.4
694Dennis Spero-13.8
695TRay Arsenault-10
695TNicholas Tammaro-20
695TChristopher Skotz-20

Day 1 Leaderboard

1Michael Ryan-1150.8
2Paul Langley $1M-1148.7
3TJonathan Zvara-1146.8
3TJohn Farrar-1146.8
5Keith Fenton-1138.8
6Jeff Bussan **-1137
7Matthew Ransdell-1134.6
8Barbara Stubblebine-1133.8
9Steve Rooney-1130.9
10Dave Decauwer-1124.9
11Chris Littlemore-1124.6
12Jeff Einardt-1124.4
13Brad Anderson-2124.2
14Greg Helm-1122.6
15Frank Perri-1120.6
16Mike Yurczyk **-2120.2
17Joe Pettit **-1119.8
18Joe Johnson-1117.8
19Scott Boudreaux-1117.2
20John Agnello-1116.2
21Tony Fox-1114.8
22Anthony Laurino-1113.4
23TJoe Scanio-2113.2
23TStephanie Davis-2113.2
25George Carr-1113
26Brian Johnson-1110.2
27TRich Nilsen-1110
27TMathew Levy-1110
29TMark Odorisio-1107.8
29TBasil Devito-1107.8
31Duke Matties-2107.2
32Frank Sorenson-2107
33David Nelson-1106.6
34Kenny Shaw-2104.8
35Jonathon Kinchen-1103.8
36Kevin Harrell-1103.4
37TMike Ferrozzo $2M**-1102.4
37TMark Streiff-2102.4
39Joe Scanio-1101.6
40Gloria Kahlden-1100.6
41TRichard Seidl-1100.2
41TMichael Eisen-2100.2
43Andy Muhlada-1100
44David Watts-299.8
45Paul Begley-199.6
46Richard Favire-199
47TTerry Cook **-198
47TGreg Bone-298
49Julie Loboyko-196.4
50Karl Barth-295.8
51Justin Nicholson-195.3
52Christopher Dewey **-295.2
53TPhilip Lam **-194
53TJames Beaumier-194
55TNicholas Tammaro-193.8
55TSteve Arrison **-293.8
57Eric Moomey **-293.4
58TJose Raphael **-193.2
58TDaniel Zaretsky-193.2
58TRobert Turner-193.2
58TMichael Odorisio-193.2
62TChris Podratz-192.4
62TMark Richards-192.4
62TLen Hanson-192.4
65Scott Exler-192.3
66Brian Knowles-192.2
67TAnthony Moline-192
67TWayne Collier-192
69TEduardo Carbajal-191.8
69TBrent Johnson **-291.8
71Wendy Long-191.1
72Jason Avila-190.6
73Karl Barth-190.4
74Tom Noone-190
75Ben Clayton-189.4
76Matthew Garofolo-189.3
77David Conover-189
78TMonte Engler-188.8
78TDouglas Wenzl-188.8
80Brent Sumja-188.6
81TKevin Perau-188.2
81TSteve Hartshorn-188.2
83Jonathan McKinnon-188
84Christopher Ahl-187.6
85Dan Mustari, Sr.-187.4
86Mariane Buser-187
87Robert Chappo-186.6
88Nicole Cox-186.3
89Mike Maloney-185.6
90Jared Henry-185.4
91Patrick Runyan **-284.8
92Thoeodore Gasper-184.7
93TTodd Faro-184.6
93TCharles Myers **-184.6
95Mark Fienberg-284.4
96Mark Feld-182.8
97Tyler Hoffman-182.6
98Manny Fennessy-182.4
99Daniel Bergen-181.8
100TScott Carson-181.6
100TRichard Goodall-181.6
102John Kimove-181.4
103George Chute-181.2
104Sammy Richman-181
105Jason Alonzo-180.8
106TDwight Peterson-180.6
106TStephen Thompson-180.6
108TEvan Trommer-180.4
108TGeorge Shamy-180.4
110Frank Mustari-280.2
111Steven Scalco-180
112Timothy Hughes-179.8
113Wendy Long-279.7
114TClay Sanders-279.6
114TGreg Bone-179.6
116John Ukleja $1M-179.3
117Tom Quigley-179.2
118TPete Manzo-179
118TJames Henry-179
120Blake Jessee-178.6
121TFrank Gryboski, Jr.-178.4
121TSteve Arrison **-178.4
121TFrank Story-178.4
124TRandall Cunningham-177.8
124TChuck Grubbs-177.8
126TSean Nolan-177.4
126TJohn Gaspar-277.4
128George Bickey-177.2
129TVito Bucaria-176.8
129TBill Duncliffe-176.8
131TJobby Blevins-176.6
131TJeff Sandler-176.6
133TRon Tackett-176.2
133TBlaise Guadagno-176.2
135Chip Sutch-175.6
136Sam Sherman-175.3
137Myles Richards-275
138TBrody Wolfgram-274.8
138TJack Ward-Smith-174.8
140TRobert Traynor-174.6
140TFrank Mustari-174.6
142TSean Boarman-174.2
142TBill Wussow-174.2
142TKevin Willett-274.2
145Jim Meeks-274
146TCheryl Tayala-173.8
146TRock Edwards-173.8
148Timothy Stupka-173.5
149Peter Dresens-173.4
150Steve Irwin, Sr.-173.2
151Garett Skiba-273
152TJohn Ferraro-172.8
152TDavid Nichols-172.8
154Joe Perry-172.6
155Ed Teicht-172.2
156TEric Troelstra-172
156TScotty McKeever-172
158Shilo Merwitz-171.7
159Matthew Rentze-271.6
160TVincent Achilarre-171.4
160TTerrence Ostrowski-171.4
160TAlan Levitt-171.4
163TMatthew Thomas-171.2
163TRandy Bauer-171.2
165TMatt Strutzel-171
165TTerry Cook **-271
167TRobert Ramirez-170.6
167TJohn O'Neil-170.6
167TRobert Masterton-170.6
170TTom Maloof-170.4
170TRobin Buser-170.4
172TMaria Gallo-170.2
172TMike Maloney-270.2
174Pete Sluis **-170
175TGreg Knepper **-169.6
175TEllen Patrick **-169.6
177TGary Bain-169.2
177TTony Calabrese-169.2
179TTerry Jerge-169
179TDerek Strom, Jr.-169
179TMark Stovall-169
179TGary Fenton-269
183Michael Doheny-268.8
184TDavid McCarty **-268.6
184TDon Beardsworth-268.6
186TMike Yarusso-167.8
186TPete Sluis **-267.8
188TErnest Powers-167.6
188TJohn Doyle-167.6
190Gary Fenton-167.3
191Jim Staub-167.2
192Ryan Russell-167
193Steve Nemetz-266.7
194Eduardo Carbajal-266.6
195Stephanie Schmidt-166.4
196Norris Bristow-165.6
197TJohn Nichols-165.4
197TSteve Hartshorn-265.4
199Aaron Bernstein-165.2
200TPaul Matties, Jr.-165
200TBernard Reilly-165
202Peter Deys-164.8
203TTravis Stone-164.4
203TMichael Rosenthal-164.4
205Francesca Kleinertz-164.2
206TChris Williams-164
206TDaniel Hart-164
206TChris Fallica-164
206TBrian Herrity-264
210Joel Wincowski-163.8
211Melissa Gielata-163.6
212TKevin Cox-163.4
212TPat Nufrio-163.4
214Christian Orscher-163.2
215TKen Kasowicz-163
215TChris Olsson-163
217TLynn McGuire-162.6
217TTrodder Furlong-162.6
217TStephen Diaz-262.6
220TMatthew Ache-262.4
220TRobert Skotz-162.4
222Michael Romano-162.2
223Greg Lesko-162
224Matt Trommer-161.8
225Brett Wiener **-261.6
226Hewett Andrews-161.4
227Kelley Smith-Lawless-161.2
228Pete Acocella-261
229Louis Constan-160.9
230TGeorge Duarte-160.8
230TGregg Thomas-160.8
232TGlenn Yee-160.4
232TPeter Smeding-160.4
232TPaul Hoffman-160.4
235TBill Rendino-260.2
235TNick Kochanski-260.2
237TBob Gianquitti-260
237TCarol Bernhardt-160
237TVic Stauffer-160
237TTom Timlick-160
241James Hall-159.8
242TCraig Kaufman-159.6
242TJudy Wagner-259.6
244Ken Kingsbury-159.4
245TDon Allen-159.2
245TMark Fienberg-159.2
247Paul Belanger-159
248TGeorge Hubbard-158.4
248TGene Paul Seyl-158.4
250Howard Welsh-158.2
251TMickey Hopkins-158
251TRyan Scharnowske-258
251TMatthew Miller **-258
254John Roe-157.8
255Kyle King-157.4
256TTimothy Yohler **-157.2
256TRandy de la Gardelle-157.2
258TBrian Eng-157
258TMichelle Hartsell **-157
258TKevin Engelhard **-257
261TRobert McIntyre-156.8
261TJonathan Pittman-156.8
261TGary Wright-156.8
264Greg Ritza-156.6
265TDonald Sperling-156.2
265TDarren Yarwood-156.2
265TMark McGuire-256.2
265TPhilip Lam **-256.2
269Garett Skiba-156
270TDavid Sullivan-155.6
270TBrian Troop-155.6
270TBrian Herrity-155.6
270TNick Fazzolari **-255.6
274Derek Dickson-155.4
275TRich Halvey-155.2
275TSarah Wiener **-255.2
277TPhil Hoedebeck-255
277TMark Streiff-155
279Ali Aksoy-154.7
280Ron Rios-154.6
281TJon Van Niel-154.4
281TEugene DeMarzo-154.4
283TAlan Copeland-154.2
283TMike Yurczyk **-154.2
285TBruce Pratt-154
285TPete Acocella-154
285TAlan Bourke-154
288THoward Rubin-153.6
288TSteve Turner-153.6
288TChris Larmey-153.6
291Dennis Desenberg-153.4
292Steve McNatton-253.2
293Ed Reidy-253
294Gary Machiz-152.8
295TDavid Lanzman-152.6
295TDon Speaks-152.6
297Lawrence Swalm-152.5
298TJohn Strichek-152.4
298TSam Alipio-152.4
298TJames Atwood-152.4
298TGwyn Houston-152.4
302Ron Peltz-152.2
303Dino Herrera **-152.1
304Eric Pineiro-152
305Jon Hurd-151.9
306Gilbert Maldonado-151.8
307Joe Pettit **-251.6
308TDino Herrera **-251.4
308TKenneth Lozano-151.4
308TDuke Matties-151.4
311TCurtis Morrow-151.2
311TMonte Engler-251.2
313TSally Goodall **-151
313TStephen Albano-151
315Donald Menaguale-150.8
316Adam Aiken-150.4
317Lawrence Kahlden **-250.2
318TAnthony Trezza-250
318TMichael Kavana-150
320David Ritchie **-149.4
321TOconnell Benjamin-149.2
321TArtis Roque-149.2
321TDennis Klein-249.2
324Joe McKay-148.9
325TNorma Mendoza **-148.8
325TJeff Hartz-148.8
325TMark Deaton-148.8
325TEdward Osterhout **-248.8
329Jimmie O'Nail-248.4
330TJoseph Shane Tobin-148.2
330TChad Anshelewitz-148.2
332TRay Arsenault-248
332TTimothy Clark-148
334Scott Blair-147.6
335Eliot Honaker-147.2
336James Ough-147
337TMark McGuire-146.8
337TKevin Engelhard **-146.8
339TMichael Eisen-146.6
339TChristian Hellmers-146.6
339TRaymond Miller-146.6
342TDavid Browning-146.4
342TDon Beardsworth-146.4
342TDanny Chavez-146.4
345Matthew Miller **-146.2
346Nathaniel Gines-145.8
347Scott Nelson-145.6
348Jeannie King-145.5
349TPeter Dresens-245.4
349TMike Labriola-145.4
351Chris Fallica-245.2
352Mitch Schuman **-145
353Ed Peters **-144.9
354TTimothy Stateler-144.8
354TPaul Shurman **-144.8
354TMichelle Hartsell **-244.8
357TTony Zhou-244.6
357TTony Zhou-144.6
359TJohn Kosciak-144.4
359TGary Blair-144.4
359TMark Haidar-144.4
362Peter Strauss-144.2
363TCharles Welch-143.8
363TMark Rudy-143.8
363TJoe Masino-143.8
366TJacqueline Sukanick-143.6
366TRobert Henie-143.6
366TCharles Myers **-243.6
369Tom Arndt-143.2
370Jim Benes-142.8
371TCharles Bernhardt-142.6
371TStephen Diaz-142.6
373TBrian Chenvert-142.4
373TMichael Beychok-142.4
373TMatthew Bickey-142.4
373TRobert Henie-242.4
377TPaul Shurman **-242.2
377TAdam Aiken-242.2
379Dan Flanigan-142
380TTom Cooper-141.8
380TSteve Decaspers-141.8
382Randy Gallo -141.6
383Thomas Blosser-241.4
384TMike Ferrozzo $2M**-240.8
384TDon Chung-140.8
384TStanley Bavlish-240.8
384TAlbert Wong-140.8
388TTanya Taylor-140.6
388TJeff Joffrion-140.6
388TVic Stauffer-240.6
391TMichael Goodrich-240.4
391TJoseph Cicatello-140.4
391TMichael Webb-140.4
394TScott Ksionzyk-140.2
394TStephanie Davis-140.2
396David Goodhand-140.1
397James Henry-240
398TErnest Powers-239.8
398TAlan Hoffman-139.8
398TRobert Engelhard-139.8
398TJustin Mustari-139.8
398TMichael Way-139.8
403TDavid Watts-139.6
403TBill Rendino-139.6
403TJames Perri-139.6
403TKyle Fitzgerald-139.6
403TJon Andrews-139.6
408TKen Seeman-139.4
408TWilliam Kennedy-239.4
410Ed Robinson-139.2
411TMichael Sweeney-139
411TChris Goodall-139
413TBerry McQueen-138.8
413TRobert Talstra-138.8
415Carl Geonie-138.4
416TEd Reidy-138.2
416TRobert Reidy-238.2
418TJeff Bussan **-238
418TWayne Collier-238
418TStephen Luca-138
418TEd Lawless-138
422Jon Lindo-137.6
423Jeff Kingsbury-137.4
424TRobert Gilbert **-237.2
424TJoe Kramer-137.2
424TGeorge Novick-137.2
427Ed Spaunhurst-136.6
428Edward Lohn-136.4
429TNick Kochanski-136.2
429TWilliam Shurman **-136.2
429TKeith Davis-136.2
432TDavid Harrison-136
432TCurtis Meyer-136
432TPaul Weizer-136
435Mike Kennedy-135.9
436Rick Vasquez-135.8
437TDaven Turner-135.4
437TFrank Sorenson-135.4
439Daryl Pourciau-135.2
440TDennis Klein-135
440TAnthony Garafalo-135
440TEd Lawless-235
443TTim Averill-134.8
443TJavier Ortiz-134.8
445TMichael Marlaire-134.6
445TRussell Winterbotham-134.6
445TAnson Clark-134.6
448TGeorge Bosch-134.4
448TDaniel Horvat-134.4
450TAmy Brantley-134.2
450TTim Darnell-134.2
450TAli Aksoy-234.2
450TEvan Trommer-234.2
454Karen Richards-134
455TMark Vitaliano-133.8
455TGT Nixon-133.8
457Dan Kaplan-133.6
458TPatrick Runyan **-133.4
458TBrendan Fay-133.4
460Mike McIntyre-133.2
461TRene Moretti-133
461TBryan Wagner-133
461TSteve Wolfson Jr.-133
461TWilliam Shurman **-233
465TAllan Schaffer-132.8
465TJose Arias-132.8
467TRichard Grose-132.2
467TJoel Stephens-132.2
467TJimmie O'Nail-132.2
467TAnthony Infante-132.2
471Blake Courtney-232
472TScott Nelson-231.8
472TChristy Moore-131.8
474TKen Jordan **-131.6
474TRoger Cettina **-231.6
476Michael Vitale-131.4
477TJim Goodman-131.2
477TIan Gendler-131.2
477TTrey Stiles-231.2
480Robert Gilbert **-130.9
481TJuan Benedetti-130.8
481TJose Raphael **-230.8
483TJoe Johnson-230.6
483TAlex Devito-130.6
483TAnthony Mattera-130.6
486Kenny Shaw-130.5
487Steve McNatton-130.4
488TMichael Holland-130.2
488TJohn Connelly-230.2
490Cheryl McIntyre-130
491Clay Sanders-129.6
492Myles Richards-129.4
493TSteve Orecchio-129.2
493TRon Ferrise-129.2
493TKevin Costello **-129.2
496Rich Pawloski-129
497TEdward Osterhout **-128.8
497TRobert Wada-128.8
497TJoe Jarvie-128.8
500Cara Yarusso-128.6
501TTony Brice-128.4
501TAlan Hasher-128.4
501TRichard Goodall-228.4
504Michael Markham-128.2
505TJerry McClenin-128
505TCheryl Kaufman-128
507Robert Montgomery-127.9
508TPat Parente-127.8
508TJoe Koury-127.8
508TChristopher Skotz-127.8
511TPaul Hughes-127.6
511TArthur Guglielmo-127.6
511TSally Goodall **-227.6
514TLarry Hausman-127.4
514TDan Slattery-127.4
514TOconnell Benjamin-227.4
517TLawrence Kahlden **-127.2
517TPamela O'Nail-127.2
517TJesus Atok-127.2
517TFlorine Sima-227.2
521TWilliam Holmes-227
521TRandy Gallo Jr.-127
523David Wilganowski -126.8
524Bryan Wagner-226.6
525TRon de la Gardelle-126.4
525TCarol Johnson-126.4
527Ken McMahan-126.3
528Steve Abelman-125.6
529Brian Baird-125.4
530TBlaise Brucato-125.2
530TLinda Rodriguez-125.2
532Kevin Willett-125
533Ed Briggs-124.8
534TBarbara Buckley-124.6
534TTony Montanino-124.6
534TTrey Stiles-124.6
534TKevin Costello **-224.6
538TRichard Meister-223.4
538TAnthony Robb-123.4
538TTimothy Vatne-123.4
541TMichael Ray-123.2
541TKen Seeman-223.2
543TMatthew Rentze-123
543TFrank Polk-123
543TRobert Barbaro-123
546Kerry Bassore-122.6
547TRick Broth-122.4
547TMichael Tomatz-122.4
549Christopher Dewey **-122.2
550TMichael Doheny-122
550TThomas Blosser-122
550TShea Harrod-122
550TDennis Gates-122
550TCharles Welch-222
550TEric Israel-222
556TMichael Harrington-121.6
556TCarlos Soto-121.6
558TKarl Jacob-121.4
558TMichael Webb-221.4
558TRobert Talstra-221.4
561Brett Wiener **-121.2
562TGeoffrey Schutt-121
562TFrank Foss-121
562TBlake Courtney-121
562TJohn Conte-121
562TWilliam Cook-121
567John Connelly-120.8
568Gary Lyons-120.6
569Bob Gianquitti-120.4
570TJohn Gaspar-120.2
570TJohn Iannone-120.2
572TPhillip Millstein-120
572TKevin McFarland-120
572TGT Nixon-220
575TCharles Norris-119.6
575TPaul Parker-119.6
575TSteve Wooden-119.6
575TIra Hirsch-119.6
579Phil Hoedebeck-119.5
580TDennis Decauwer-119.4
580TBrian Kubik-119.4
582Matthew Ache-119.2
583Faron McCubbins-119
584TPaul Georgian-118.4
584TEric Moomey **-118.4
584TDane Moore-118.4
584TTony Calabrese-218.4
588Joe Turner-118.2
589Marshall Gramm-118.1
590TGlen Coombs-118
590TJim Sebes **-118
592TFlorine Sima-117.6
592TBrent Johnson **-117.6
594TChristopher Fischer-117
594TGeorge Turner III-117
596TJoseph Besecker-116.8
596TRon Ferrise-216.8
598Nick Fazzolari **-116.4
599TVaughn Bair-116.2
599TDarryl Lacy-116.2
599TDavid Ritchie **-216.2
599TBernard Reilly-216.2
603TGeorge Duarte-216
603TLeo Vukmanovich-116
603TCharles O'Mara-116
603TBrody Wolfgram-116
603TGene Cahalan-116
603TNisan Gabbay $3M-116
603TWilliam Holmes-116
610TCraig Hom-115.8
610TRichard Meister-115.8
610TFrank Clements-115.8
610TRobert Reidy-115.8
610TEmily Kyrillou-115.8
610TThomas O'Connor-115.8
610TTerry O'Connor-115.8
610TWilliam Kennedy-115.8
610TRandy Gallo Jr.-215.8
619Stephen Fitzpatrick-115.6
620Tom Piotrowski -115.4
621TKenneth Dobiecki-114.2
621TPeggy Atwell-114.2
621TChris Podratz-214.2
621TLuke Peltz-114.2
625Scott Fitzgerald-113.2
626Chad Anshelewitz-213
627Jim Evans-112.7
628TSteven Doodnauth-112.6
628TEdward Deicke-112.6
630Peter Behr-112
631TWilliam Meisel-111.6
631TKevin Cox-211.6
633TStanley Bavlish-111.4
633TRoger Cettina **-111.4
635Ed Peters **-211.2
636TJennifer Prince-111
636TAlan Noring-111
638TJim Meeks-19.2
638TStu Kantor-19.2
640TJames Tunick-19
640TJames Tunick-29
642Daniel Camoro-18.8
643TMatt Dugger-17.6
643TBob Ike-17.6
645TMichael Illies-17.4
645TRon Hafner-17.4
645TDavid McCarty **-17.4
645TJudy Wagner-17.4
649Rob Ruocco-16.2
650Eric Israel-16
651Steve Nemetz-15.7
652Scott Johnson-15
653Anthony Trezza-14.8
654TJames Michelson-14.6
654TLisa Herrity-14.6
656TEddie Fitzsimons-14.4
656TMichael Martin-14.4
656TJoe Perry-24.4
659TPat Stich-14.2
659TWayne Atwell-14.2
661TMark Aylward-13.8
661TDellie Ford-13.8
661TJohn Fisher-13.8
661TDavid Messir-13.8
661TDennis Spero-13.8
661TJames Petersen-13.8
661TBob Rubin-13.8
661TJohn Fisher-23.8
669TChristian Hellmers-20
669TRobert Engelhard-20
669TKevin McFarland-20
669TTom Maloof-20
669TNicholas Tammaro-20
669TChristopher Skotz-20
669TMitch Schuman **-20
669TFrank Story-20
669TRyan Scharnowske-10
669TRobert Schintzius-10
669TWilliam Roth-10
669TJose Arias-20
669TWilliam Smith-10
669TSarah Wiener **-10
669TSean O'Malley-10
669TShawn Turner-10
669TSteven Meier-10
669TZachery Mcleod-10
669TJanice Houston-10
669TRich Feldman-10
669TBrad Gerson-10
669TJeff Ho-10
669TMichael Goodrich-10
669TRay Arsenault-10
669TTerrance Bushart-10
669TJohn Buckley-10
669TChristos Apostolos-10
669TBrad Anderson-10
669TJohn Caraher-10