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Gary Wright

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Overall: 7719

Participation: 1500

Points Detail

Monmouth Park Pick Your Prize 6/1/2019 T 2337
HorsePlayers.com 8/23/2019 O 1829
NYRA Bets Aqueduct online 11/16/2019 O 1138
HorsePlayers.com 6/30/2019 O 542
Horsetourneys.com 5/25/2019 O 373

How many times qualified: 4

NHC History

Year Place Bankroll Prizes
2019 149 154.4
2019 502 70
2018 298 108.9
2017 458 81.8
2016 30 229.6 $14,000

Player Bio

I have been a horse racing fan since I was a small boy. My father would bring me to the old Garden State Park and I would just love that place. He introduced me to the world of handicapping and gave me my first lesson in reading the Racing Form. I qualified for my first NHC in 2016 and was happy with my 30th place finish. I learned alot from that experience and am looking forward to qualifying for future NHC's. Aside from horse racing, I am a competitive Crossfitter and love to stay in shape. All the rest of my time is occupied by my 4 beautiful children.




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