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Horse PAC® is the Federal Political Action Committee (PAC) of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA). The committee was activated in 2002 to promote and facilitate the accumulation of voluntary contributions from members of the NTRA and its subsidiaries and affiliates, for the support of political parties and candidates for elective office in the United States. As a multi-issue, bi-partisan PAC, the Committee gives strategic support to federal political candidates who:

  • Serve on Congressional committees that oversee matters pertaining to livestock and agricultural issues, Internet gaming, immigration, taxation and the Interstate Horseracing Act
  • Are established Congressional leaders
  • Understand horse racing’s issues
  • Have racetracks, breeding farms, training centers and other equine venues in their district
  • Are members of the Congressional Horse Caucus
  • Are emerging leaders meriting “early support”

Horse PAC®, the Federal Political Action Committee (PAC) of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, was activated to support Federal elected officials who are interested in issues that affect pari-mutuel horse racing. Contributions to Horse PAC® are accepted from NTRA members only. Contributions from outside this restricted class will be returned to the contributor. As an NTRA member, you can choose to participate in the PAC or decline. The NTRA will not favor or disfavor members according to donations. Suggested contribution amounts are merely a suggestion. Members should feel free to contribute more – up to the legal maximum of $5,000 per year – or less than the suggested contribution, or not at all. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, and occupation and the name of the employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Contributions to Horse PAC® will be used to support or oppose candidates for public office. Contributions to Horse PAC® are not tax-deductible.

Horse PAC® Board of Directors

William S. Farish, Jr. Chairman
George B. Bolton
Keith Chamblin
Terrence P. Finley
John C. Harris
Wilhelmina McEwan
Justin Nicholson
Anne W. Poulson
Alexander M. Waldrop

Alexander M. Waldrop

Amber Florence

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