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Harold Wafer

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I got into handicapping from my father in my young teens years, when my father would take me along with him to Vernon Downs a local harness track or to the Off-Track-Betting Shops in Upstate New York and during the summer time to Historic Saratoga Race Course. It was during this time and after that I would look to get my hands on any and everything I could that was related to handicapping the horses or sports betting. Hal is the owner & founder of RogueHandicapper.com and created Rogue Ratings a unique computer program that allows the new fan or novice horseplayers to Win Now without having to spend years or decades as was required in the past from the old way study! My horse racing handicapping highlight reel is not about a particular horse or about a specifically large wager I won, but it is about all the times growing up as a little boy and as a young man that this game allowed me to spend countless hours, days and years getting closer to my father by talking, traveling and learning the game of handicapping…”Dad you’re the best”!




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