Airoforce – Owner, John C. Oxley

Alsvid – Owner, Black Hawk Stable

Artemis Agrotera – Owners, Chester and Mary Broman, Sr.

Azar – Owner, Alto Racing

Beholder – Breeder, Clarkland Farm

Big Blue Kitten – Owner/Breeders, Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey

Birchwood – Owner, Godolphin

Bobby’s Kitten – Owner/Breeders, Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey

Bold Quality – Owners, George and Lori Hall

Bold Quality – Breeder, K and G Stable

Cage Fighter – Owner, Matthew Schera

Calamity Kate – Owners, George and Lori Hall

Calamity Kate – Breeder, K and G Stable

Camelot Kitten – Owner/Breeders, Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey

Catch a Glimpse – Owner, Gary Barber

Cavorting – Owner, Stonestreet Stables LLC

Cocked and Loaded – Co-owner, Patricia’s Hope

Conquest Big E – Owner, Conquest Stable

Conquest Big E – Breeder, Gainesway Thoroughbreds Ltd.

Conquest Daddyo – Owner, Conquest Stables

Cymric – Owner, Godolphin

Cymric – Breeder, Jamm, Ltd.

Dacita – Co-owner, Bradley Thoroughbreds

Fioretti – Co-owner, Two Hearts Farm

Fioretti – Breeder, James G. Bell

Forever Darling – Breeder, Debby Oxley

Frivolous – Owner/Breeder, G. W. Humphrey, Jr.

Frosted – Owner, Godolphin Racing LLC

Frosted – Breeder, Darley

Got Lucky – Owner/Co-breeder, Hill ‘n’ Dale Equine Holdings, Inc.

Grand Arch – Owner, Jim and Susan Hill

Grand Arch – Breeder, Hunter Valley Farm

Greenpointcrusader – Owner, St. Elias Stable

Hard Not to Like – Owner, Speedway Stables

Harmonize – Breeder, Jack Swain III

Harmonize – Trainer, William I. Mott

Holy Boss – Breeder, Adena Springs

Holy Boss – Trainer, Steven M. Asmussen

Holy Lute – Breeder, Lynn B. Schiff

Honor Code – Co-owner, Lane’s End Racing

Isotherm – Owner, Matthew Schera

Isotherm – Trainer, George Weaver

Jimmy Bouncer – Owner/Breeder, Reddam Racing LLC

Joe Franklin – Breeder, K and G Stables

Judy the Beauty – Breeder, Adena Springs

Land Over Sea – Owner, Reddam Racing LLC

Land Over Sea – Breeder, Jack Swain III

Lea – Co-owner/Breeder, Claiborne Farm

Lea – Co-owner/Breeder, Adele Dilschneider

Lea – Trainer, William I. Mott

Legatissimo – Breeder, Newsells Park Stud

Liam’s Map – Owner, Teresa Viola Racing Stable

Ma Can Do It – Co-breeder, Silver Fern Farm

Manhattan Dan – Trainer, Gary Contessa

Marchman – Breeders, Lynn Jones and Kathy Jones

Masochistic – Co-owner, Jay Em Ess Stable

Mongolian Saturday – Breeder, Normandy Farm

Mr. Z – Owner, Calumet Farm

Mshawish – Owner, Al Shaqab Racing

Nickname – Owner, LNJ Foxwoods

Nickname – Trainer, Steven M. Asmussen

Nyquist – Owner, Reddam Racing LLC

Peace and War – Breeder, Sally J. Anderson

Pricedtoperfection – Co-owner, Klaravich Stables

Private Zone – Breeder, Adena Springs

Rachel’s Valentina – Owner, Stonestreet Stables LLC

Rachel’s Valentina – Breeder, Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings

Ralis – Owner/Breeder, Reddam Racing LLC

Recepta – Co-breeder, John W. Phillips

Red Vine – Owners, Jon and Sarah Kelly

Right There – Breeder, Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings

Runhappy – Breeders, Wayne Lyster, Bryan Lyster and Gray Lyster

Sapphire Kitten – Owner/Breeders, Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey

Secret Gesture – Co-owner/Breeder, Newsells Park Stud

Sentiero Italia – Owner, Godolphin Racing LLC

Sentiero Italia – Breeder, Darley

Sharla Rae – Co-owner, Gary Barber

Shining Copper – Owner, Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey

Siding Spring – Owner, Gabe Grossberg

Sky Marshall – Co-owner, Bruce Lunsford

Smooth Roller – Breeder, John R. Cummins

Stacked Deck – Owner/Breeder, Bruce Lunsford

Street Strategy – Co-breeder, Darley

Stellar Wind – Co-breeder, Stonetreet Thoroughbred Holdings

Stephanie’s Kitten – Owner/Breeders, Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey

Stopchargingmaria – Owner, Town and Country Farms Corp.

Stopchargingmaria – Co-breeder, Brookdale Farm LLC

Super Majesty – Owner, LNJ Foxwoods

Super Majesty – Breeder, WinStar Farm

Talmada – Breeder, Darley

Taris – Co-breeder, Claiborne Farm

Taris – Co-breeder, Adele Dilschneider

The Great War – Breeder, Claiborne Farm

The Pizza Man – Owner/Breeder, Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc.

Tom’s Ready – Breeder, Blackstone Farm

Tourist – Co-owner/Breeder, WinStar Farm

Tourist – Trainer, William I. Mott

Twilight Eclipse – Owner, West Point Thoroughbreds

War Story – Breeder, Jack Swain III

Watsdachances – Co-owner, Bradley Thoroughbreds

Wedding Toast – Owner, Godolphin Racing LLC

Wedding Toast – Breeder, Darley

Wicked Strong – Owner, Centennial Farm