Ninety-five percent of federal candidates receiving contributions from Horse PAC, the NTRA’s bipartisan Political Action Committee, won their races in yesterday’s general election. Horse PAC-supported candidates won 36 of 37 House races and three of four Senate races.

Horse PAC disburses directly to individual candidates and/or to their leadership PACs or other PACs that support candidates. During this election cycle, Horse PAC disbursed a total of $327,000 to candidates and PACs in 19 states. Kentucky-based candidates and PACs received $52,500 in Horse PAC funds over the two-year cycle. Other leading states included New York ($46,000), Texas ($32,500), California ($26,500) and Florida ($22,500).

Horse PAC supports federal political candidates who serve on Congressional committees that oversee matters pertaining to livestock and agriculture issues, Internet gaming, taxation, immigration and the Interstate Horseracing Act; are established Congressional leaders; understand horse racing’s issues; have racetracks, breeding farms, training centers and ADWs in their states; are members of the Congressional Horse Caucus; or are emerging leaders meriting early support in their legislative careers.

For more on the general election, read the 2014 Post-Election Analysis, prepared by the NTRA’s government relations consultants at The Alpine Group.