The NTRA and key members of Congress have delivered a letter to the Department of Treasury in support of an important tax reporting and withholding clarification for horseplayers.

If you are one or more of the following, the NTRA urges you to sign this petition:

  1. A horseplayer who frequently places exotic wagers that potentially pay large sums
  2. A racetrack or ADW operator who may lose horseplayers to other forms of gambling that have more favorable reporting/withholding rules
  3. An owner who could benefit from elevated purse money as a result of increased wagering activity through a higher level of churn
  4. A breeder whose bloodstock values are aligned with the health of the industry
  5. A trainer or jockey whose compensation is tied to purse levels
  6. A sales company or consignor whose success depends on demand for racehorses
  7. A horsemen’s association executive representing your membership
  8. A fan who wants to see a thriving racing industry
  9. A member of a support industry whose livelihood is tied to horse racing and breeding

Click here to sign the petition to clarify this important issue for horseplayers and the entire industry.