Internet gaming legislation may surface during the current lame duck session of Congress. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and other proponents may introduce a bill to legalize Internet poker, similar to what occurred in the lame duck session that followed the 2010 elections when Sen. Reid proposed a draft Internet gaming bill.

The NTRA’s federal legislative team remains active in all discussions related to the development of Internet poker legislation due to its potential impact on horse racing. Such expansion of online gambling is certain to increase competition for our industry’s growing advance deposit wagering market.

The NTRA will oppose unless our team secures a series of provisions that serve to protect horse racing. The list includes 1) no additional regulatory authority over our industry; 2) language clarifying that the Wire Act does not apply to wagers made permissible under the Interstate Horseracing Act because the new bill would amend the federal Wire Act, making horse racing’s current protection vulnerable; 3) horseplayer-related tax withholding and reporting issues; and 4) language that allows certain horse racing entities to apply for and be rewarded an Internet poker license.

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