To all Thoroughbred horseplayers and racing fans,

The final quarter of last Sunday’s incredible Super Bowl has me thinking about how no lead is ever safe and no race is ever over until time runs out or the result goes official. This is worth bearing in mind as we reach the mid-point of the U.S. Treasury’s 90-day public comment period on newly proposed regulations related to withholding and reporting of pari-mutuel winnings. As an industry we’re ahead by open lengths at the sixteenth pole but we must be kept to task.

The NTRA has been advancing this issue within the federal government for years and others in the industry sought these changes before the NTRA even came into existence nearly 20 years ago. We are now on the cusp of Treasury finally enacting the new rules – going official, so to speak. There is too much at stake to not give our all in these final strides.

We need you to let Treasury know you’d like them to enact the newly proposed regulations. Please take 30 seconds to add your name to the thousands that have already shown their support for Thoroughbred racing by visiting and submitting an e-mail to Treasury. The link does all the work – all you have to do is add your name, address and a valid email.

The proposed rule changes have received widespread industry support, including from horseplayers, horsemen, racetracks, and every major industry group. No less an authority than Steve Crist has called them “a godsend for horseplayers.” Now we need individuals like yourself to raise their voices and help us get this across the goal line. Go to right now and make it official.

Thank you for helping us to return more winnings to horseplayers and increase purse money for the good of the entire sport!



Alex Waldrop

President & CEO, National Thoroughbred Racing Association


PS – To learn more about the proposed rule changes visit