NHC Tour Champions

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Mike Ferrozzo

2017 NHC Tour Champion

Photo credit: Horsephotos.com

National Horseplayers Championship (NHC) Tour “First Half” leader Mike Ferrozzo, of Eagan, Minn., hit the board in just enough of the right spots down the stretch, tallying 18,825 points overall and holding off late charges from several veteran handicappers to win the 2017 NHC Tour, which ended Saturday. Ferrozzo earned $100,000, a trophy, and the chance to play for a $2 million bonus at NHC 19, Feb. 9-11, at Treasure Island Las Vegas.

Ferrozzo, 59 (b. April 13, 1958), an IT projects manager specializing in healthcare, was a Final Table participant at NHC 16 in 2015. He is already deep into his NHC preparations, studying replays and making notes on trips and biases. The goal is to arrive in Las Vegas with a list of horses Ferrozzo expects to perform better next time out, and hope that several of them show up in the entries the second weekend of February. With a $2 million bonus available exclusively to him should he win NHC 19, on top of the $800,000 first-place prize, Ferrozzo is willing to put in as much homework as he can find time for.

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