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Housekeeping Items

Guests and Seating

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our contest space to two floors. That means we are able to provide our players the ability to bring a guest. You will be able to request one guest credential and seat card.

Your guest is welcome to sit with you, provided they are 21 years old. You will be receiving an email regarding the NHC seating process prior to the NHC.


The breakfast and lunch buffets will be provided to contest players only. There will be a colored wristband that MUST be worn on each contest day. There is a nice cafe on the casino level of the TI that your guests will enjoy. Also, you may not bring in any food or drink from outside the convention levels. The Treasure Island security will be very strict on this. There will be a cash bar on both contest levels for you and your guests. Coffee, soda and water will be provided in the contest areas.

Past Performances

All players will be provided with digital Past Performances from Equibase as well as hard copies of the Daily Racing Form. You will be provided a coupon in your registration packet that you will need to redeem each day in order to get your copy of the Form.


  • If you are currently licensed by a racing commission or other governmental agency.
  • If you have an interest (ownership or otherwise) in a horse entered on any of the race days.

Please see full contest rules to determine if you are required to make a declaration. Please let us know as soon as possible, and we will have you fill out the declaration form.

Depositing Money at the TI cage

Due to governmental regulation changes, players who want to put money on deposit at the cage will need to complete an application process. If you plan on utilizing this service, please go ahead and apply for this service. If you have any questions, please contact Amber Florence at aflorence@ntra.com.

Click here to complete the application process.

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