By Noel Michaels

Now there are more ways to play and better chances to win on the tournament website thanks to the recent addition of several new credit builder formats to be held each racing day.  The new credit builders join an already jam-packed line-up of daily feeder contests and weekly qualifying events into both the National Horseplayers Championship [NHC] and the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge [BCBC].

The credit-builder contests on will feature several different formats designed to give players daily action and a chance to accumulate credits on the website that can be used to pay the buy-ins for the site’s various feeders and qualifiers.  The formats go from head-to-head contests with entry fees ranging from $22 to $110, to multi-player winner-take-all events with $57 entry fees, to regular Pick & Pray pool style contests with low $8 buy-ins where players can compete for a $100 credit.  All money earned in credit builders must be used on the website and cannot be withdrawn as cash.

“The NHC and BCBC are excited to launch credit builders on These types of games have proven to be very popular with contest players, who can now earn credits toward NHC and BCBC play on without ever leaving the site.”

The credit builders have swelled the overall number of daily tournament offerings on the website from a handful per day to dozens of available contests.  Both Live and Pick & Pray formats will be available, and for the most part players will be able to choose the track they want to play – for example, races 2-9 at Belmont.

My personal favorite of these credit-builder formats are the 50/50 credit builder contests. Players can choose the track they want to play and enter these events for only $25. Half of the players in the contest will win, half will lose. The top half of finishers will turn their $25 into a $45 credit on

The credit builders join the already vibrant schedule of feeders and qualifiers held on the website.  Feeders mostly start at low $18 entry fees, which gets you a 1-in-10 shot into a weekend $165 NHC Qualifying tournament, or a 1-in-5 ratio to feed into one of the website’s popular Friday $75 NHC Qualifiers. Meanwhile, BCBC feeders begin at just $20 to play yourself into a weekend $179 BCBC Qualifying event.  Or, you can pay more to enter a feeder into one of the more expensive weekend Low Ratio tournaments.  For example, a $56 entry fee will get you into a BCBC Low Ratio feeder, where 1-in-10 finishers can advance into a weekend $500 BCBC Qualifier.

Whether it is an inexpensive $8 credit builder, or an $18-20 feeder contest, or a $75 Friday NHC Qualifier, a weekend $165 NHC Qualifier, or a $500 Low Ratio Qualifying event, there is definitely a contest tailor-made for you on the website.  Get online and check-out one of the new credit builders, and start turning your own personal small investment into a BCBC or NHC qualifying berth. Have fun, and best of luck!