June 5, 2020“The racing industry would not exist and could not function without the contributions of the black community and people of color. The systemic racism that has poisoned our country cannot be allowed to inflict its pain on one more generation. We must work individually and collectively to dismantle these prejudices for good and confront the injustice that devalues the lives of the very people who make sure our industry can endure.

“We at the National Thoroughbred Racing Association are committed to supporting the communities we serve. This year, we embarked on an initiative to create greater diversity and cultural awareness at all levels of the business, including positions of power, by collaborating with Legacy Equine Academy (Ronald Mack, Founder), a Kentucky-based program which encourages primarily students of color to attend college and pursue degrees in equine-related studies. Through this venture, the NTRA will help fund scholarships for students in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Equine Programs with the intent of fostering a more inclusive Thoroughbred racing industry for generations to come.

“Change cannot wait, so we will work with all of our racing partners to further the goal of a more diverse, inclusive environment for all participants in our sport.”

Alex Waldrop,

President and Chief Executive Officer,

National Thoroughbred Racing Association