LEXINGTON, Ky. (January 15, 2020) – The National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) announced today that Big Ass Fans, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans, has signed on with NTRA Advantage as the group purchasing plan’s newest partner.

NTRA Advantage delivers substantial cost savings – through local dealers – on essential products and services relevant to their business. Since the inception of NTRA Advantage in 2002, industry participants have made $1 billion in purchases, resulting in $180 million in savings.

For Big Ass Fans, aligning with NTRA Advantage offers the company access to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the horse industry. In addition to NTRA members, NTRA Advantage discounts are extended to members of other equine organizations like the American Quarter Horse Association, the American Paint Horse Association, and U.S. Trotting Association.

“We look forward to giving back to our neighbors and friends through our NTRA partnership to better serve those who care a great deal for these amazing animals,” said Lennie Rhoades, Chief Executive Officer of the Lexington-based Big Ass Fans. “Creating safer, more comfortable spaces for horses to live, work, and play is the top priority of any facility owner or trainer.”

Rhoades added that, in addition to offering NTRA members product and service discounts, a percentage of all sales will be directly reinvested by Big Ass Fans through the Advantage Program into the NTRA’s efforts of service and leadership for the equine industry nationwide.

“We are delighted to add Big Ass Fans to our roster of Advantage partners,” said Jeff Burch, Senior Vice President of NTRA Advantage. “Their best-in-class agricultural and residential product lines are a perfect addition to the Advantage roster of partners.”   

Big Ass Fans joins other nationally known participating brands including John Deere, UPS, Sherwin-Williams, Red Brand Fencing, Office Depot and Suncast Commercial.

About Big Ass Fans

Starting in 1999, Big Ass Fans pioneered the high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan industry by introducing large industrial fans to agricultural spaces. Recognizing the fans’ versatility, our customers began to install them in warehouses, factories, commercial spaces, and homes. With each new application, our engineers set out to design the perfect solution to meet our customers’ needs. Our dedication to innovation has led us to develop the industry’s first silent motor technology and smart fan controls and automation. For more information about Big Ass Fans, visit bigassfans.com or call 877-244-3267. 

About the NTRA

The NTRA, based in Lexington, Ky., is a broad-based coalition of more than 100 horse racing interests and thousands of individual stakeholders consisting of horseplayers, racetrack operators, owners, breeders, trainers and affiliated horse racing associations, charged with increasing the popularity, welfare and integrity of Thoroughbred racing through consensus-based leadership, legislative advocacy, safety and integrity initiatives, fan engagement and corporate partner development. The NTRA owns and manages the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance; NTRA.com; the Eclipse Awards; the National Horseplayers Championship; NTRA Advantage, a corporate partner sales and sponsorship program; and Horse PAC®, a federal political action committee. NTRA press releases appear on NTRA.com, Twitter (@ntra) and Facebook (facebook.com/1NTRA).