Federal Legislative Advocacy

The NTRA’s federal legislative advocacy team addresses issues that have a direct and material effect on Thoroughbred industry participants and their business activities, whether those activities relate to racing, breeding or pari-mutuel wagering.

Along with other industry stakeholder groups inside and outside of racing, the NTRA also supports Congressional education programs on matters like agriculture and immigration which affect all breeds and equine disciplines.

Two programs support the NTRA’s work on Capitol Hill.  The Legislative Action Campaign sustains the NTRA’s government relations and lobbying efforts.  NTRA’s political action committee, Horse PAC®, supports specific candidates for re-election.  Sellers and buyers at public auction, sales companies, owners, farms and horseplayers contribute to the Legislative Action Campaign.  Horse PAC® contributions come from individual NTRA members.

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For our industry, it is fundamental for us to have eyes, ears and voice monitoring the activity in Washington. NTRA has provided this leadership and for that I am most appreciative and strong support their efforts.
Headley Bell of Mill Ridge Farm, Lexington KY
Our farm lives are demanding enough. It’s good to know that the NTRA is there to promote our legislative needs. They have my continued support.
Scott Mallory of Mallory Farms, Lexington, KY
It is of vital importance that every segment of this wonderful industry support the legislative efforts of the NTRA on a national scene. Things just don’t happen and we industry stakeholders need to be supportive of groups that see to it that the right things do happen. As a longtime owner/breeder, I have always found the NTRA to be responsive and always taking a leadership role. I do support their efforts and thank them.
Donald Valpredo of Donald Valpredo Farms, Bakersfield, CA
As hard as those of us in the industry are working each day on our farms, we can’t forget how important it is to have a ‘sixth man’ like the NTRA supporting our team in Washington.
Josh Pons of Country Life Farm & Merryland Farm, Bel Air, MD

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We wish to thank the following owners, breeders, and consignors and their clients who have contributed to the NTRA’s 2017 Legislative Action Campaign.

2017 Contributors
100% Racing
James & Mary Abel
Academy House
David Adel
Naoise Agnew
Craig Sam Aguiar
Wilfredo & Maria Agusti
Airdrie Stud
Hector Alcalde
Nick Alexander
Fred Allor
Neal Allread
Robert Amendola
Anchor & Hope Farm
Anderson Farms
Bryan Anderson
Doug Anderson
Helen Andrews
Mel & Jean Annuzzi
Edwin Anthony
Jena Antonucci
Ara Aprahamian
Ashview Farm
Audley Farm Equine
Mike Azer
BG Stables
Baccari Bloodstock
Bach Stables
William M. Backer Revocable Trust
Morris Bailey
Jim Bakke
Bakster Farms
Michael Ballezzi
Stephen Barberino
Victor Barboza, Jr.
James Barnawell
Michael Barro
BBA Ireland Limited
Bead Land & Cattle Co.
Andy Beadnell
Agnes Beane
Steve Beard
Beau Lane Bloodstock
Jeffrey Begg
John Behrendt
C P Beler
Headley Bell
John C. Bell
Price Bell
Bella Inizio Farm
Vann Belvoir
Glenn Bennett
Evelyn & Maurice Benoit
Robert Berger
Robin Berryhill
Frank Bertolino
Best a Luck Farm
Big Chief Racing
Philip Birsh
Gary and Betty Biszantz
Black Jack Racing
Blackacre Farms
Blackburn Farm
Dan Blacker
Blackstone Farm
Ron Blake
Blake-Albina Thoroughbred Services
Blandford Stud
Randy Bloch
Bloodstock Thoroughbreds
Richard Blue, Jr.
Bluegrass Thoroughbred Services
Bluewater Sales
Bona Terra Stud
Bonde Racing Stables
Bonne Chance Farm
Borden Farm
Keith Brackpool Racing
Anthony Braddock
Bradley Thoroughbreds
Randy Bradshaw
Louis Bradvica
Branch Equine
Randall Brandon, DVM
Steven Brandt
Niall Brennan
Brett Bresser
Philip Brish
Sam Britt
Cal Britton
Broad Creek Bloodstock
Bo Bromagen
Brookdale Farm
Brookdale Sales
Brookfield Stud
Chad Brown
Donald Brown, Jr.
Ronney Brown
Hal Browning
Brownstead Farm
Jerry Brumley
Richard Brunacini
Matthew Bryan
Magalan Bryant
Buck Pond Farm
Buckland Sales
Eric Buckley
Marti Buckner
Tom Bunn
Burden Creek Farm
Daniel Burke
John Burness
David Burnett
Burning Daylight Farms
Timothy Burr
Roger & Lisa Burton
Calabria Farms
Bret Calhoun
Calumet Farm
Ted Campion
Candyland Farm
Cannon Thoroughbreds
Kent & Beckie Cantrell
Cantrell Family Partnership
Carl R. Moore Management
Caro Farm
Webb Carroll
Dr. Jamie Carter
James Casey
Dr. Maurice Casey III
Lynn Cash
Justin Casse
Mark Casse
Kendra Casselman
Norm Castiglione
Allan Keith Castro
Casual Run Farm
Clay Caudill
Doug Cauthen
Cave Brook Farm
D.M. Cavey
CDM Racing
Centennial Farms
Center Stage Farm
Alexandro Centofanti
Juan Cervantes
Chadds Ford Stable
Thomas Chalin
Chamerolles Farm
Chance Farm
Chanceland Farm
Tory Chapman
Ellen Charles
Charm City Racing
Anthony Chaudry
Martin Cherry
Chestertown Farm
Cheyenne Stables
Gifi Chiandussi
Clayton Childs
Sharman Chin
Lee Christian
Richard Ciavardone
Cicero Farms
Claiborne Farm
Clarkland Farm
Clearsky Farms
Clifton Farm
Michael Cloonan
Clover Hill Farm Inc.
Club Risque Stable
Coffeepot Stable
Russell S. Cohen, DVM
Yehuda Cohen
Vincent & Marie Colbert
James Coleman, Jr.
Paul Colone
Colts Neck Stables
Columbiana Farm
Columbine Stables
Commonwealth Bloodstock
Steve Conboy
Congaree Farm
Conover Stable
Barry & Carol Conrad
Dan Considine
Gary Contessa
Angela Coombs
Copper Penny Stables
Rhonda and Kory Cornum
Corrigan Racing
Patrick Costello
Cottonwood Stables
Country Life Farm
James Courtney
Joe Cowles
Dr. Ruel Cowles
Bill Crager
Joe Crane
Ronnie Cravens
Cres Ran
Crestwood Farm
Cromwell Bloodstock Agency
Cross Keys Sales
Liz Crow
Crowning Point Farm
Keith Crupper
Crusader Racing, Inc.
Crystal Lane Racing
Crystal Meadows Farm
CTM Racing
Brian Culnan
Robert Cummings
John Cummins, DVM
Frank D'Amato
Don Danard
Richard and Patricia Dancsok
Darby Dan Farm
Dark Hollow Farm
Albert Davis
Donald Dean
Robert Deckert, Jr.
Bruno De Berdt
Pamela Deegan
Bruno De Julio
Robert Delaney, Jr.
Frank De Marco
de Meric Stables
Nick & Jaqui de Meric
Denali Stud
Art Denio
Denzik Thoroughbreds
Susan Derby
Kenneth Deregt
Derek Lawson, Inc.
J. Keith Desormeaux
Charles Deters
Isabelle De Tomaso
Eli Diamant
Mike Schiano Di Cola
Philip Dicosmo
Brian Didonato
Lou Dunn Diekemper
Domenic DiLalla
Joseph Dirico
Michael Di Tomasso
Dixie Farm
Gabriel Dixon
David Doering
Dogwood Stable Inc.
David Donk
Drew Donohue
Donovan Bradshaw, Ltd.
Bill Dory
Barry Doss
Melvin Dotson
Kenneth D'Oyen
Mike Doyle
Dream Walkin Farms
Jack Duarte
Jean Etienne Dubois
Chris Duggan
Dundrum Farm
Christopher Dunn
Francoise Dupuis
Travis Durr
John Dyer
Eagle Point Farm
Tommy & Wyndee Eastham
Eaton Sales
Eaton & Thorne, Inc.
Echo Valley Horse Farm
Ela Racing Stable
Lisa Ellison
Michele Elliott
Elm Tree Farm
Emcee Stable
EMFO Racing
Ends Well
Charles Engel
Lois Engel
Joe Engelhart
Daren English
Larry Ensor
Terry Eoff
Epona Racing Stable
Mary Eppler
Ellen Epstein
E Slash Ranch
EQB, Inc.
Equus Farm
John Erdel
Arcadio Escamilla
Diego Estrada
Justin Evans
Patrick & Elizabeth Everard
Chris Ewing
Jim & Michael Ann Ewing
Excel Bloodstock
Tommy & Lori Fackler
Donald Fallon
Farfellow Farms, Ltd.
Gary & Karen Farrar
Dave Faulkner
Eric Fein
Gina Fennell
Deborah Ferguson
Kathleen Feron
Gary Finder
Dave Fishback
William Fishback
Flaxman Holdings, Ltd.
Fleetwood Bloodstock
Peter Fluor
Vincent Foglia
Conor Foley
Gary Folgner
Theodore Folkerth
Anthony Fontana
Albert Ow Kee Foo
Bryan Ford
Caroline Forgason
Susan Forrester
Fortune Farm
John Foster
Moustapha Fostock
Foundations Farm
Four Star Sales
AJ Foyt, Jr.
Robert Francis
Luis Franco
Cassie & Keenan Freeman
Carolyn Friedberg
Steven Friedfertig
Cary Frommer
Bill Frothinger
Stephen Fulton
Alistar Fyfe
Terry Gabriel
Hubert Gaffney
Abraham Gardea
Clark Gardiner
Jack Garey
Alfredo Ordonez Garrido
Gatto Racing
Genesis Racing
SL Geo
Get Away Farm
Dr. Don Gibb
Corneilia Gibson
Don Giffen, Jr.
Randall Gindi
Chris Girdley
Jim Gladden
J L Gladwell III
Jimbo & Torie Gladwell
Ben Glass
Mark Glatt
Glenmalure Farm
Glen Oak Farm
Global Thoroughbreds
R.L. Glosson
Kirk Godby
Karen Godsey
Alan Goldberg
Golden Rock
Good Luck Farm
Jaime Gomez
Romert Gonzalez
Robert Gorham
Gracie Bloodstock
Grassroots Training & Sales
Brian Graves
Lorna Gray
Bob Grayson
Greenfield Farm
Greenhill Farm
Green Hills Farm, Inc.
Dean Greenman
Mark Grier
Linda Griggs
Gabe Grossberg
Bruce Grossman
Gary Gullo
Gum Tree Stables
Dale Hagedorn
Mary Haire
Ronnie Hale
Emory Hamilton
Terry Hamilton
Rebekah Hammond
Donna Hancock
W. Rowland Hancock
Matthew Hand
Matthew Haney
Shawn Hansen and Todd Hansen
Happy Tenth Stable
Hardacre Farm
Haras Don Arcangel S.A.
Hare Hill Farm
Mike Harrell
Harris Farms
Harris Training Center
Bridie Harrison
John Harroff, DVM
Dr. & Mrs. E.C. Hart
Chris Hartman
Gary Hartunian
Eoin Harty
Hartwell Farm
Dana Lally Haugli
David Hayden
Frank Haydon
Kevin Haynes
Suzanne Hazlup
Heaven Trees
Scott Heider
Roger Heitzmann
Don Henderson
Sam Henderson
Dan Hendricks
Wendy Hendriks
Michael Henning
James Herberner, Jr.
Hermitage Farm
Arturo Herrera
Robert Hess, Jr.
Heste Sport Inc.
William Hickman
Hidden Brook
Hidden View Farm
Highland Yard
High Peak Farm
Highpoint Bloodstock
Jamie Hill
Jim & Susan Hill
Raymond Hill III
Hill 'n' Dale Sales Agency
Nick Hines
Hinkle Farms
Tony Holmes
Ted & Joanne Hoover
Patrick Hoppel
Ellen Horner
N.G. Houston III
Hronis Racing Stable
Catherine Hudson
Tommy Humphries
Hunter Valley Farm
Hurricane Place
Hurstland Farm
HWL Partnership
I C Racing
Indian Creek Farm
David Ingordo
Orrin & Lee Ann Ingram
Joseph Ioia
Donna Ippolito
Ital-Cal Horse Management, Inc.
Jackpot Ranch
Gregory Jackson
Steve & Debbie Jackson
Eddie Jacobs
Jamm, Ltd.
Jay Ar Dee Stables
Jay Em Ess Stable
Jon Jazdzewski
JCL Racing Stable
Rodney Jenkins
JKD2 Farm
Keith Johns
Dewayne Johnson
Erik Johnson
Aaron & Marie Jones
Hope Haskell Jones
Lynn Jones
Robert Jones
Russell B. Jones, Jr.
J. R. Ward Stables
JS Stables
Justified Farms
K E M Racing Stable
Dr. Jennifer Kaak
Kaizen Sales
Alex Karkenny
Carolyn Karlson
KatieRich Farms
Alex Kazdan
Keene Ridge Racing
Kehner Thoroughbreds
Toby Keith
Kelly Thoroughbred
John & Sara Kelley
Dennis Kendall, Jr.
Elise Kendall
Eddie Kenneally
Greg Kerswill
Richard Kessler
Gary Ketring
Alexander Khait
Kia-Ora Stud Australia
Zach Kilgus
Ellen B. Kill Kelley
Kindered Stables, Inc.
Kingdom Bloodstock
Kings Equine
Kingston Bloodstock
Kingswood Farm
Kingview Farms
Robert A. Kinsley
Kinsman Farm
S Matthew Kintz
Klaravich Stables, Inc.
Seth Klarman
Jackson Knowlton
John Koenig
Brian Koriner
Mark Kornegay
Milan Kosanovich
Matthew Kosco
Robert Krangel
Gary Kropp
J. Eric Kruljac
Tom Kuegler
Sol Kumin
La Bahia Stud, Inc.
Lenard Labuda
Lady Olivia at North Cliff
Bill Landes
Landry Bloodstock
Joseph & Renee Lane
Lane's End
Lanes Mark Farm
Michael Langford
Langsem Farm
Lantern Hill Farm
Late Night Stables
Michael Lay
James Layden
Layden Training Center
Lazy Lane Farms
LC Racing
Leading Edge, Agent
Philip Lebherz
Christian Lee
Legacy Bloodstock
Ben Lengacher
Harold Lerner
Lee Levinson
Lee Lewis
Lianna Stables
Liebau Farms
Jack Liebau, Sr.
Terri Ligon
Kern Lillingston
Richard Lister
Little Dreams
Little Man Farm
Marvin Little, Jr. Estate
Teresa Little
Kelly Lively
Duncan Lloyd
LNJ Foxwoods
Lochlow Farm
Locust Hill Farm
Renee Logan
Logan James Stables
Michael Lombardi
Dale Shane Long
Longford Farm
Longitude Farm
Jose Lopez
Glenn Lostritto
Nicolas Lotz
Kenneth F. Lowe, Jr.
Christine Lozinak
LRK Stable
Doug Lunn
Katherine Lurie
Luskin Park Stud
LX Stable
Bryan Lynam
Jane Lyon
Matthew Lyons
Phillip Maas
Machmer Hall
Preston Madden
Bartolome Mafla H.
Tony & Robin Malatino
Scott Mallory
Richard Malouf
Robert Manfuso
Man O War Farm
Manitou Farm
Maple Lane Farm
Mares Nest Farm
William Marlow, Jr.
Roberto Marquez
Dawn Martin
Mrs. Glenn R. Martin
Perry & Denise Martin
Damian Martinez
Marula Park Stud
Robert Marzilli
Ingrid Mason
Cleber Massey
Mast Thoroughbreds
Charles & Debra Mathias
Mathis Stables
April Mayberry
Jeanne Mayberry
Summer Mayberry
Pat McBride
Susan McBride
Patrick McBurney
James McCall
Sean McCarthy
John McClutchy
Kip McCreery
Tom McCrocklin
Ben McElroy
McEntee Sales
James R. McGlinn
Thomas McGrath
James McIngvale
John D. McKee
Marc McLean
Pope McLean, Jr.
Pope McLean, Sr.
AJ McMahan
Michael McMahon
McMahon of Saratoga
McMahon & Hill Bloodstock
Tim McMurry
Val McNeely
Kenny McPeek
Steve McPherson
John McShane
Meadowlark Valley Sales
David Meah
Anthony Melfi
Michael Mellen
George Mellon
John Menary
Becky Merkel
Joe Merrick
Merriebelle Stable
Mike Anderson Racing
Miklin Stable
Mill Ridge Sales
Miller Racing
Darrin Miller
James M. Miller
Maurleen Miller
Michael J. Miller
Mockingbird Farm
Ed Moger
Steve Moger
Montesacro Farm
Barbara Montanye
Susan Montanye
Angela Moore
Brian Moore
Sabrina Moore
Ron Moquett
Robert Moran
William Morey
Morgan's Ford Farm
Carla Morgan
Fred Morgheim
Thomas Morley
Stuart Morris
Nena Moss
Mt. Joy Stables
Mulcaster Bloodstock
Mulholland Farm
Mulholland Springs
Joe Mulholland, Jr.
John P. Mulholland
Karen Mulholland
Joanne Mummert
Jose Luis Murillo
Noel Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Chip Muth
Mystic Acres Farm
Thomas Nash
Needle in a Haystack
Dave Neilson
Sanna Neilson
Anita Nesser
John Newcomer
New Episode Training Center
Paul Newhart
Richard Newman
Bill Nicholls
Tom Nichols
Craig Nicholson
Richard Nicolai
Sean Nix
No Limit Stable
Normandy Farm
Northshore Racing
Northview Stallion Station
Nick Nosowenko
N W Management
Oakwood Farm
Oakwood Stables
L. Douglas Oberg
Vernon Obermeier
Danielle Obert
Ocala Stud
Ray Odom
Jeremiah O' Dwyer
Grandison McLean Offutt
Offutt-Cole Farm
Don Ogden
Robert Oliva
Cindy Olson
One Horse Will Do Corp.
Oracle Bloodstock
Garrett O'Rourke
Dr. Phillip Osborne
Other Things
John Oxley
Oxmoor Sales
Alfred Pais
Teresa & David Palmer
Paramount Sales
Ronald Harris Parker
Parkway Farm
Patricia's Hope
Peachtree Farm
Pegasus Stud
Pelican State Thoroughbreds
Oscar Pena
Mike Pender
Blaz Perez
PH Thoroughbred Racing
Philmor Racing Stable
Pick View
Joe Pickerrell
Joseph Picozzi
Scott & Lanae Pierce
Jose Pinchin
Pinetree T-Breds
Michael Pino
P J Arnold Bloodstock
Playbill Magazine
Sam Poggi
Tom Pojar
Rosilyn Polan
Polo Green Stable
Kathryn Poole
Mandy Pope
Poplar Hill Equine
Vincente Portaro
Postmaster Farm
Potomac Equine
Ron Potts
Laurie Pratt
Jason Provenzano
Dwight Pruett
Public Racing Stables
Pucker Ridge Farm
Peter Pugh
Vincent Puglisi, Jr.
Quatrefoil Racing Stables
Rachid Brothers
Jake & Shelly Radosevich
Joe Ragsdale
Bill & Lyn Rainbow
Ram Construction
Patricia Ramey
Jackie Ramos
Bill Rasco
Sandra Rasmussen
R.C. Cline Thoroughbreds
Michael Reavis
Eugene Recio
Mike Recio
Red Gables Stud
Red Oak Farm
Red Wings Enterprises
Reddam Racing
Lindy Redding
Charles Reed
Cynthia Reese
Jay Reese
Dean & Patti Reeves
Bill Reightler
Keiber Rengifo
Renpher Stables
Randy Rentz, Jr.
Rhapsody Farm
Ricehorse Stables
Adam Rice
Brandon & Ali Rice
Bryan Rice
Mary Richards
Dr. David Richardson
David M. Rider, MD
Robert Riggio
Rigney Racing
Rimer Reason Farm
Julie Rini
River Ridge Ranch
Riversedge Racing Stables
Andrew Roberts
Carl Robertson, Jr.
Hugh Robertson
J. Kirk & Judy Robison
Tom Roche
Rockingham Ranch
David Rodriguez
Murray Rojas
Romans Racing & Sales
Gino Roncelli
Rose Creek Farm
Paul Roy
George Ruggiero, Jr.
Joe Russell
Mike Ryan
Greg Sacco
Sackatoga Stable
Sagamore Farm
Victor Jimenez Sainz
Ron Salerno
Nick Sallusto
John Salzman, Sr.
Juan Sanchez
Sano Racing Stables
Ross Santangelo
Nicholas Saponara
Saratoga Glen Farm
David Sardello
Sassy Molly
Scanlon Training & Sales
Kevin Scatuorchio
Robert Schaedle, III
Sarah Scheper
Matthew Schera
Merrill Scherer
Lynn Schiff
Robert Schneider, MD
Charles Schulman
Thomas Schulte
Byron & Jennifer Schunk
Ed Schuster
Fred Schwartz
Lloyd Schwartz
Darby Scudero
Sea Jay Farm
Chris Seale
Ismael Segoviano
Maggie O'Bryan Seidman
Seidman Stables
Select Sales
Sequel Bloodstock
Serendipity Farm
John Servis
Shadwell Farm
Shaker Ridge Farm, Inc.
Shamrock Farms
Bradley Shannon
James Shannon, Jr.
Dennis Shea, Jr.
Joe Shaw
Shawhan Place
Sheep Pond Partners
Christopher Shelli
Sheltowee Farm
Kevin Sheppard
Ernest Sherman
Joseph Shields Jr.
Peter Shindel
Luis Shirley
Marla Shontere
Shortleaf Stable
Nancy Shuford
Clay & Carlene Sides
Samantha Siegel
Sierra Farm
Marshall Silverman
Simmons and Associates
Garry Simms, Sr.
Andy Simoff
Richard Simoff
Robert Simonick
Stephen Sinatra
SJW Enterprises
Skyscraper Racing
Karl Sleight
Brook T. Smith
Eddie Smith
Kenneth Smith
Gary Snoonian
William Snowden
Alex Solis II
John Sondereker
South Point Sales Agency
Southern Comfort Farm
Southern Spring Stables
Spa City Stables
Anthony Eric Sparks
Wayne Spalding
Speedway Stables
Spendthrift Farm
Robert Spiegel
Steven Spielman
Springland Farm
SRK Sales
Melvin St. Clair, Jr.
St. George Sales
Archie St. George
Ed Stanco
David Stejskal
Stephen Hope Sales
Ed Stevenson
Kay Stillman
Stipa Racing Stable
Norma Lee Stockseth
Beryl (Sonny) Stokes, Jr.
Stonegate Stables
Stonereath Stud
Marjorie Strieter
Clinton Stuart
Stud Igual
Larry Stumpf
Sugar Plum Farm
Sugarland Thoroughbreds
Mary Sullivan
Scott Summers
Sunny Oak Farm
Super Horse, Inc.
Jack Swain
Thomas Swales IV
Chris Swann
Gregory Szymski
Barclay Tagg
Ronald Tagliaferro
Tall Oaks Farm
Norman Tavares
Taylor Made Sales Agency
Rick Taylor
T/C Stable
Team Orange Stables
Team Valor International
Team Work Racing Corp.
Teed Off Stables
Temple Rushton
Terrazas Thoroughbreds
Texas Toyco
The Acorn
The Four Horsemen Racing Stable
Tim Thornton
Thomas J. Gallo III Sales Agency
Becky Thomas
Sally Thomas
Dan And Karin Thompson
James Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Tim Thornton
Threave Main Stud
Three Chimneys Farm
Three C Stables
Three Diamonds Farm
Don Tiger
Time Will Tell
Harold & Pamela Tillema
TLC Thoroughbreds
Thomas Todd
Tony & Carol Busching Thoroughbreds
Top Line Sales
Top Yield Bloodstock
Jeff Treadway
Tri Star Farm
Triad Farm
Triple T Ranch
Michael Trombetta
Trueno Stable
John Trumbulovic
Brian Turman
Paul Tuomey
Two Hands
Two Hearts Farm
Two Rivers Racing
Upson Downs Farm
Sue Vacek
Efren Valencia
Roddy Valente
Valkyre Stud
Nancy Vanier
Van Meter-Gentry Sales
Richard Vega
Trudy Veinot
Anita Velzquez
Harry Veruchi
Very Un Stable
Walter Vieser II
Vinery Sales
Vincent Viola, Jr.
Manuel Viray
Michael Vitello
Carolyn Vogel
Katharine Voss
Vossfeld Bloodstock
Waldorf Farm
Kathy Wallace
Mark Wallace
Anne Walsh
Brendan Walsh
Patrick Waresk
John P. Warren
Warrendale Sales
Wasabi Ventures Stables
Watershed Bloodstock
Waterville Lake Stables
Weathering Farm
Ronald Webb
Stephen B. Weissman Living Trust
Bayne & Christina Welker
Bruce Wells
West Point Thoroughbreds
Craig Wheeler
Whisper Hill Farm
White Cloud Bloodstock
Danny White
Robert White
Janice Whitham
Jane Wiggins
Lon Wiggins
Andrew Wilhite
John Wilkins, Jr.
Will Do
Doyle Williams
Kathleen Willier
Gary Willis
Art Wilson
David & Holly Wilson
Joan Wilson
Winchester Equine
Windways Farm
Winter Quarter Farm
Winticket Farm
Bill Witman
Donald Wolf
Woodstock Racing Stable
Woodvale Farm
Blaine Wright
Ed Wright
Daniel Wukich
Kirky Wycoff
Roger Wynn
Xpress Thoroughbreds
Jeffrey Yingling
Charles Yonker
Young Thoroughbreds
Steven Young
Michael Yovankin
Dr. Joel Zamzow
Zayat Stables
Ahmed Zayat
Arnold Zetcher
Vickie & John Zoelle
Zoom and Fish Stable
Contributions to the NTRA Legislative Action Campaign are not tax-deductible. Contributions as reported through December 31, 2017. 

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