Federal Legislative Advocacy

The NTRA’s federal legislative advocacy team addresses issues that have a direct and material effect on Thoroughbred industry participants and their business activities, whether those activities relate to racing, breeding or pari-mutuel wagering.

Along with other industry stakeholder groups inside and outside of racing, the NTRA also supports Congressional education programs on matters like agriculture and immigration which affect all breeds and equine disciplines.

Two programs support the NTRA’s work on Capitol Hill.  The Legislative Action Campaign sustains the NTRA’s government relations and lobbying efforts.  NTRA’s political action committee, Horse PAC®, supports specific candidates for re-election.  Sellers and buyers at public auction, sales companies, owners, farms and horseplayers contribute to the Legislative Action Campaign.  Horse PAC® contributions come from individual NTRA members.

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For our industry, it is fundamental for us to have eyes, ears and voice monitoring the activity in Washington. NTRA has provided this leadership and for that I am most appreciative and strong support their efforts.
Headley Bell of Mill Ridge Farm, Lexington KY
Our farm lives are demanding enough. It’s good to know that the NTRA is there to promote our legislative needs. They have my continued support.
Scott Mallory of Mallory Farms, Lexington, KY
It is of vital importance that every segment of this wonderful industry support the legislative efforts of the NTRA on a national scene. Things just don’t happen and we industry stakeholders need to be supportive of groups that see to it that the right things do happen. As a longtime owner/breeder, I have always found the NTRA to be responsive and always taking a leadership role. I do support their efforts and thank them.
Donald Valpredo of Donald Valpredo Farms, Bakersfield, CA
As hard as those of us in the industry are working each day on our farms, we can’t forget how important it is to have a ‘sixth man’ like the NTRA supporting our team in Washington.
Josh Pons of Country Life Farm & Merryland Farm, Bel Air, MD

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We wish to thank the following buyers, sellers, consignors, trainers and farms who contributed to the NTRA’s 2018 Legislative Action Campaign.

2018 LAC Contributor list
A & J Racing Stable
A. Chaudry
A. Ryan Roberts
A.J. Foyt Ranch
Aaron Jones
Abbondanza Racing
Acres of Green
Ad Noir
adam bright
Adam Kitchingman
Adam Rice
Adam Staple
Al Peterson
Al Pike
AL Shaqab Racing
Alan Hoffman
Alan Levitt
Alan Pensiero
Albert Frassatto
Albert Klerlein
Alex Patykewich
Alexandra White
Alexandro Centofanti
All Dreams Equine
Allan Schaffer
American Equistock
American Star Farm
Amy Sondej
Andres Villanueva
Andrew Mckenzie
Andrew Murtaugh
Andrew Vanlangendonck
Andrew W. Hughes
Andy Muhlada
Andy Simoff
Angelinos Racing
Angelo Romeo
Anil Shergill
Anita Velazquez
Ann W. Merryman
Anthony Infante
Anthony J. Didier
Anthony J. Fontana
Anthony Stephen
Aquino Stable
Arctic Bloodstock
Art DeNio
Arthur Harmon
Ashbrook Farm
Ashview Farm
Audley Farm
August Dawn Farm
Baccari Bloodstock/Seclusive Farm
Bach Stables
Back Straight Farms
Ballysax Bloodstock
Baoma Corp.
Barak Farm
Barbazon Racing & Bloodstock
Barry & Joni Butzow
Barry B. Conrad
Barry R. Ostrager
Bartolome Mafla H.
Bass Racing
Bates Stable
Beals Racing Stable
Ben McElroy Equine
Bernie Flint
Beryl J. Stokes, Jr.
Best A Luck Farm
Beth Bayer
Beth Michelson
Bettersworth Westwind Farm
Bevery & Thomas Strauss
BG Thoroughbred Farm/BG Stables
Bill & Lyn Rainbow
Bill Neumann
Bill Witman
Billy Crouse
Black Cloud Racing
Blackacre Farms
Blackburn Farm
Blackstone Farm
Blandford Stud
Blas Perez Stables
Bloodstock Thoroughbreds
Blue Flight LLC
Bluewater Sales
bob Turner
Bob White Farms
Bonne Chance Farm
Bonnie Rye Stable
Borden Farm
Boutte Training & Sales
Boy Meets Grill
Bradley Thoroughbred
Brett Kelly
Brett Wiener
Brian Cohen
Brian Gross
Brian Herrity
Brian Knippenberg
Brian Turman
Brian Zars
Brilliant Racing
Bristol Feeney
Brody Racing
Broken Oaks Stables
Brook T. Smith Investments
Brookdale Farm
Brooke Brailey
Bruce Berenson
Bruce Lunsford
Bryan Baker
Bryan M Carney
Bryan Rice
BSW Bloodstock
Burleson Farms
Butte Crest Ranch
Buttonwood Farm
Buttonwood Stables
C and C Stables
Calabria Farms
Candyland Farm
Cara Bloodstock
Carl Turnbow
Carlo E. Vaccarezza
Carlos & Gloria Martin
Carolyn R. Vogel
carson mckay
Cary Frommer
Cassie and Keenan Freeman
Castle Park Farm
Catalyst Bloodstock
Catherine Riccio
Cave Brook Farm
Cem Sevim
Centennial Farms
Champion Racing Stable
Chanceland Farm
Charles LeFevre
Charles OConnor
Charlie Brown
Charlie J. Williams
Chester Bishop
Chestertown Farm
Chris Ewing
Chris Grace
Chris Olsson
Christo Bakas
Christopher Coleman
Christopher Griffith
Christopher Larmey
Christopher Podratz
Christopher Sullens
Churchill Downs Racing Club
CJZ Racing Stable
Claiborne Farm
Clarkland Farm
Clear Creek Stud
Cleber Massey
Clover Hill Farm
Code Thoroughbred
Colebrook Farms
Coleswood Farm
Colts Neck Stables
Columbiana Farm
Columbine Stable
Conover Stable
Coppertree Farm
Corie Anderson
Corms Racing
Corner Farm
Corrigan Racing
Cottonwood Stables
Country Life Farm
Craig Aguiar
Craig Aguiar
Craig L Wheeler
Cres Ran Farms
Crestwood Farm
Cromwell Bloodstock/Hat Creek Racing
Cross Keys Sales
Crown Chase Farm
Crowning Point Farm
Cynthia Rickman
Dale Krapf
Dale Mauro
Dallas Becker
Dan & Karin Thompson
Dan Blacker
Dan Flanigan
Dan Lake
Dan Mandarino
Dan Pastalaniec
Dan Pish Racing
Dan Slattery
Dane Moore
Daniel J Chen
daniel mckeehan
Daniel Preiss
Danielle Palermo
Danny Gargan
Darby Dan Farm
Dario Bernardi
Dark Hollow Farm
Darren Nagle
darryl lacy
Dave Neilson
David & Holly Wilson
David Chasan
David Gamble, II
David Joy
David L Smart
David Lance Wilbanks
David M. Rider
David Marshall
David Meah
David O'Callaghan
David Peed
david pimm
David Pyrz
David Scanlon
David Wilganowski
Dawn Martin
Dean Greenman
Dean Hughes
Deborah Easter
Denali Stud
Denise Hauffe
Dennis Decauwer
Dennis O'Neill
Denny Andrews
Denzik Thoroughbreds
Derek Brown
Diane Manning
Dixie Farm
Dominick A Schettino
Don Gibb
Don Ogden
Don Speaks
Dona M MacDonald
Donald Cavenaugh
Donald Dedden
Donald Healy
Donald Krawiec
Donny Von Hemel
Doug R. Beebe
Doug, Cathy & Roger Anderson
Douglas C. Mesker
Dr. & Mrs. Ruel Cowles
Dr. C. Hiram & Dr. Susan Galandiuk Polk, Jr.
Dr. J. David Richardson
Dr. Robert Muns-Sosa
Dragons Lair Farm
Dream Walkin Farm
Dromoland Farm
Dwayne Shipley
E Slash Ranch
E. J. & Lynne James Hudson, Jr.
Eagle Point Farm
Eagle Ridge Racing
Eaton Sales
Ed Moger, Jr.
Ed Reidy
Eddie Kenneally
Eddie Woods
Edward A. Cox, Jr.
Edward Diamond
Edward Hart
Edward Ortiz
Edward Sehon
Eileen Estrich
EKQ Stables
ELA Racing Stable
Elise W. Kendall
Elizabeth Brand
Elizabeth Muirhead
Ellen Caines
Ellis Starr
Elm Tree Farm
Emerald Sales 2017
Empire Equines
Eoin Harty
Epic Racing
Epona Racing Stable/Epona Two Stable
Equine Equity Partners
Equis Endeavor
Equus Farm
Eric Adler
Eric Brehm
Eric Isaacson
Ernest C. Frohboese
Evan Trommer
Evergreen Thoroughbreds
Excel Bloodstock
F. Thomas Conway
Fahad Althani
Ferrous Farm
Finn Green
Five C's Stable
Five Oaks Construction Co.
Floyd Kephart
Floyd Phillips
Flying P Stable
Forbush Farm
Forever Spring Farm
Forging Oaks Farm
Forgotten Land Investments
Forli Bloodstock
Foundations Farm
Four Leaf Farm
Frank DeMarco
Frank Foss
Frank Haydon
Frank Low
Frank Maresca
Frank Russo
Franklin Avenue Equine
Franklin Stables
Fred & Linda Alexander
Fred (Rick) Sutherland
Fred Allor
Fred Desimone
Fred Johnstone
Fred Morgheim
Fred P Schwartz
Freedom Acres
Full Circle Farm
G & K Thoroughbreds
Gabriel Davidov
Gainesway Farm
Galen Mitchell
Gallaghers Stud
Gap View Farm
Gar Oil Company
Gary & Jane Chervenell
Gary & Mary West
Gary K. Tussey
Gary Lightheart
Gary Ozanich
Gary Ridgely
Gary Sutton
Gaulstown Stud
Gayle Woods Training
GD Hieronymus
Gelfenstein Farm
Gene & Charlene Tenbrink
Genesis Racing
George Bickey
George Bolton Horses
George M Veloudis Jr.
George Ruggiero, Jr.
George Weaver
Gillman Hallenbeck
Glen Gaddy
Glen Oak Farm
Glenangus Farm
Gofastandwin/Phoenix Hill Farm
Gold Bear Farm
Golden Rock
Good Luck Farm (Ky)
Gracie Bloodstock
Grandview Equine
Grassroots Training & Sales
Green Lantern Stables
Greenmount Farm
Greg Bone
Greg Brous
Gregg Kingma
Gregory Hoffman
Greycross Stables
Grove Stud
Gunpowder Farms
H & E Ranch
Hal Snowden, Jr.
Hamburg Place
Happy Face Racing Stable
Happy Tenth Stable
Haras Don Arcangel S.A.
Haras Dona Icha De Ocala
Hardacre Farm
Harold Lerner
Harris Farms
Harris Training Center
Harry Landry Bloodstock
Hartwell Farm
Harvey Peltier III
Hearts Desire Farm
Heaven Trees Farm
Helen Richards
Hemingway Racing and Training Stables
Henry Steadmam
Herbener Farm
Hermitage Farm
Hidden Brook
High Hill Racing
High Point Farm
Highland Yard
Hill 'N' Dale
Hinkle Farms
Hobby Horse Stables
Hope Hill Farm
Horizon Farm
Horseplayers Racing Club
Horseshoe Valley Equine Center
Houston Farms
Howard C. Nolan, Jr.
Howard Chelin
HP Thoroughbreds/BMWZ Stables
Hronis Racing
Hugh H. Robertson
Hunter Valley Farm
Hurstland Farm
HWL Partnership
Ian C. Howard
IBB Thoroughbred
Imagine …
Indian Creek Farm
Ioniass Korologos
Irish Hill Century Farm
Isabelle De Tomaso
Ismael Segoviano
Ital-Cal Horse Management
J. Bonner Young
J. Eric Kruljac
J. Keith Desormeaux
J. Kirk & Judy Robison
J. R. Ward Stables
Jack R. Swain
Jackpot Ranch
JAL Racing
James A. Shannon Jr.
James Anderson
James Collins
James Huff
James Kopcie
James M. Herbener Jr.
James Michelson
James Paliafito
James Perry
James Rolfes
James W. Ross
Jami Poole
Jared Keyes
Jay Em Ess Stable
Jay Hanley
Jay W. Donaldson
JCE Racing
Jeannie King
Jeff Piotraschke
Jeff Ryan
Jeffrey D. Kallenberg
Jeffrey Looby
Jeffrey S Siegel
Jennifer A. Johnson
Jeremiah O'Dwyer
Jeremy Baird
Jerry & Liz Squyres
Jerry Caroom
Jerry Durant
Jerry Henery
Jesse Englehart
Jim & Susan Hill
Jim Carlin
Jim Daniell
Jim Hatchett
Jim Meeks
Jim Schmitz
Jim Sebes
Jim Volk
Jimmy D Elia
Jimmy Partin
JJ Brevan Stable
JKD2 Farm
Joann Smith
Job Turner
Jo-Dan Transport
Joe Culley
Joe Pagan
John & Emma Krohn
John Baird
John Ballis
John Behnke
John Conrad
John D. Fielding
John Donaldson
John Duic
John Fasola
John Fitzgerald
John Howard
John McAllen
John Muller
John P Meiden
John P. Warren
John Russell
John Salzman, Jr.
John Saunders
John Servider
John Servis
John Sondereker
John Stephenson
John Strichek
Joker Racing
Jon Jazdzewski
Jonathan Cooley
Jonathan Nance
Jonathan Thorne
Jorge Navarro
Jose Lopez
Jose M. Garcia-Blanco
Jose Miguel Aleman
Joseph & Gayle Ioia
Joseph C Stamper
joseph celli
Joseph Cicatello
Joseph Di Rico
Joseph Galano
Joseph johnson
Joseph Norris
Joseph Picozzi
josh foulois
Joshua Key
JRita Young Thoroughbreds
JS Stables
Juddmonte Farm
Judy Wagner
Julie Diehl
Julio Caceres
Justice Farm
Kaitar Racing
Kaizen Sales
Karen Crouch
Karl & Cathy Glassman
Karl Grusmark
Kasey K Racing Stable
Kateryna Stolyar
Kathie Maybee
Katierich Farms
KCA Stables
Keene Ridge Farm
Kehner Thoroughbreds
Keith B. Grass
Kelly Lively
Ken Yeager
Kennesaw Mountain Racing
Kenneth Kuska
Kenneth M. Deregt
Kenneth Martindale
Kenneth McMahan
Kenneth Smith
Kent Sweezey
Kevin Bogart
Kevin Czubara
Kevin Donahue
Kevin Sheppard
King of Prussia Stable
Kingdom Bloodstock
Kingfield Farms
Kingsport Farm
Kingswood Farm
Kinsman Farm
Kip McCreery
Kirsten Swan
Kirt Cahill
Kirton Farm
Klaravich Stables/LRK Racing
Knollwood Stables
Konrad Wayson
kristen mcdermott
Lanes End Farm
Langcrest Farm
Langsem Farm
Larry Burns
Larry Hirsch
Late Night Stables
Laurie Kristoff
Laurie Pratt
Lawrence Gasaway
Lawrence M. Smith
Lazy Lane Farm
LC Racing
Leah Peterson
Leanne Warren
Lee Lewis
Legacy Bloodstock
Leslie Condon
Leslie Hammond
Lianna Stable
Liberty Road Stables
Liebau Farms
Linda Gaudet
Linda Schommer
Lindsay Hurst IV
Lisa herrity
Little Man Farm
Little's Bloodstock
Lloyd Madison Farm/Tamaroak Farm
LNJ Foxwoods
Logan Farm
Lois West
Lonnie Umdenstock
Lorna Gray
Lou Arellano
Louis Krychear
Louis Leatherwood
Louis Linder Jr
LRE Racing
Lucian V Moga Racing Stable
Luis A. Shirley
Lynne Cassimeris
Maccabee Farm
Machmer Hall/Select Sales
Madakat Stables
Manitou Farm
Mantua Farm
Maple Lane Farm
Marc C Ricker
Marc Stateler
Marc Tacher
Mares Nest Farm
Margaret Lack
Maribel Ruelas
Mark Casse
Mark Commander
Mark Feld
Mark Grier
Mark Kornegay
Mark Mathiesen
Mark Montes
Marshall Dowell
Marshall W. Silverman
Marti Haught
Martin Keogh
Marvin Little, Jr. Estate
Mary A Sullivan
Mary K. Haire
Mason Springs
Mast Thoroughbreds
Masters 2013 LLC Kensico Capital Management
Mat Groff
Mathis Stables
Matthew Chmura
Matthew Schera
Matthew Trommer
Mauk Equine Brokerage
Maurice Regan
Maurleen V. Miller
McCarthy Racing Stable
McMahon & Hill Bloodstock
McMahon Thoroughbreds of Saratoga
Meadowlark Valley Sales
Melvin St Clair
Mer-Lyn Farms
Metro Thoroughbreds
Mezza Luna Farm
Michael J. Miller
Michael Beychok
Michael Blick
Michael C. Stinson
Michael Dilger
Michael Dubb
Michael Emerson
Michael J. Gramiak
Michael Lettiere
Michael Long
Michael Lund Peterson
Michael Moreno
Michael P. DePaulo
Michael Pruzinsky
Michael R. Di Tomasso
Michael Repole
Michael Schmidt
Michael Simpson
Michael Tomatz
Michael Trombetta
Michael V. Pino
Michelle St George
Miguel Carranza
Mike Pegram
Milan Kosanovich
Mill Ridge Farm
Mina Van Voss
MMG Stables
Mojo Stables
Monster Racing Stables
Moonestone Farm
Moreau Bloodstock/The X Man Group
Morris Bailey
Mount Joy Stables
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ramsey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Low
Mrs. Patricia Chapman
Mulholland Farm
Mulholland Springs
Mullikin Thoroughbreds
N W Management
Nancy Lee Farms
Nancy Vanier
Nathan McCauley
Niall Brennan
Nicholas G. Zoulias
Nick Demeric
Nick Gonzalez
Nick Hines
Nick Nosowenko
Nick Sanna
Nils Johnson
Nolan White
Nomad Farm
Norma Lee Stockseth
Norman Stables
Norman Tavares
North River Stables
Northview Stallion Station
Novogratz Stables
Nursery Place
Nyala Farm/Kathleen O'Connell Racing Stable
Oak Crest Farm
Oak Point Farm
Oakwood Farm
Oakwoods East
Off The Hook
Offutt Properties
Oracle Bloodstock
Oxmoor Sales
P J Arnold Bloodstock
Pamela Brickley Hann
Pamela Zielinski
Paramount Sales
Parkway Farm
Patrice Davis
Patricia Ramey
Patricia's Hope
Patrick Hoppel
Paul Aguirre
Paul Benequista
Paul Bryan Miller
Paul Chubb
Paul Cush
paul denk
Paul Laurin
Paul Matties Jr.
Paul Pompa, Jr.
Paul Rivera
Paul Shurman
Paul Warfield
Pelican State Thoroughbreds/Gabriel Thoroughbreds
Pete Mattson
peter dresens
Peter Grau
Peter Redekop
Peter Shindel
Petrichor Farm
Philip Dicosmo
Phipps Stable
Phoenix Farms
Phoenix Thoroughbred
Phyllis Dixon
Pick View Stables
Pierre Esquirol
Pine Ridge Farm
Pinnacle Farms Bloodstock
Playbill Magazine
Pleasant View Farm
Poplar Hill
Posse Racing Stable
Potomac Bloodstock
Powerstown Stud
PRO Thoroughbred Enterprises
Q Bar J Thoroughbreds
Queenstown Thoroughbreds
Quinella Farm
R Marie Farms
R. Townsend Sparks
R.C. Cline Thoroughbreds
Racing Gambit
Racing to the Cross
Rags Racing Stable
Rainbow Fields Farm
Ralph Pearce
Randy Bradshaw
Randy Ridgely
Reavis Racing Stable/Public Racing Stable
Rebecca Galbraith
Red Bank Farm
Red Oak Farm
Redmon Farm
Reina E. Gonzalez
Remount Thoroughbreds
Renpher Stables
Respite Farm
Reynolds Cowles
Ricehorse Stables
Riceland Racing Stables
Rich Zakala
Richard & Susan Benton
Richard A Proctor
Richard Arens
Richard Baltas
Richard Duchossois
Richard Friedman
Richard Golden
Richard Kaster
Richard Lueck
Richard Murray
Richard Schrag
Richard Surmick
Richard Vega
Rick Eber
Rick Howard
Rigney Racing/JCM Racing
Rimroc Farm
Rio Del Sol Stables
Riversedge Racing Stable
Rob Weddle
Robby Heller
Robert & Erin Gorham
Robert & Myrna Luttrell
Robert Arthur
Robert B. Hess, Jr.
Robert C. Cline
Robert Courtney
Robert Daluga
Robert Delaney Jr.
Robert E. Hoeweler
robert elliott
Robert Fluckiger
Robert H. Mckee
Robert L. Losey
Robert L. Tucker
Robert Masiello
Robert Masterton
Robert Moser
Robert Simonick
Robert Smith
Robert1 Forbeck
Robin Berryhill
Roblar Vista Ranch
Rocco Cusat
Rock House Farm
Rock Talk Farm
Rocky Rashall
Roddy Valente
Rodney Jenkins
Rodney Zimmerman
Roger Daly
Roger Straus
Ron Blake
Ron Ferrise
Ronney Brown Racing
Rosalee C Davison
Rose Hill Farm
Rosilyn Polan
Rowling Oaks Farm
Roy Sturgeon
Rozamund Barclay
Ruben Valdes
Ruis Racing
Russell Fortune
Rusty Roberts
Ryan Atwell
S & G Thoroughbreds
Sackatoga Stables
Sam Britt
Samantha Siegel
Sandy Glenn Stables
Sarah Sharp
Sarah Wiener
Saratoga Glen Farm
SBM Training & Sales
Scott D Fitzgerald
Scott Heider
Scott Hess Horseshoeing
Scott Mallory
scott mckeever
Scott Peck
Sea Jay Farm
Sean Nolan
Sean OConnor
Sean O'Connor
Sean Shay
Seidman Stables
Select Sales
Serendipity Farm
Sergio A. Ramirez De Arellano
Seth Gregory Bloodstock
Set-Hut Stables
SGO Thoroughbred
SGV Thoroughbreds/Sportmans Stable 12
Shadwell Farm
Shamrock Farm
Shamrock Glen
Shamrock Hill Farm
Shangri-La Farm/Stipa Racing Stable
Shawhan Place
Shawn Turner
Sheffield Stable
Sheltowee Farms
Sheppell Thoroughbreds
Sheri Greenberg
Sheri Riddoch
Sholom Jacobs
Shortleaf Stable
Silver Oaks Farm
Simmons & Associates
Singing Bridge Stable
Small Batch Thoroughbreds
Smart Angle
Smitten Farm
South Haven Farm
South Point Sales Agency
Southern Comfort Farm
Southwind Stables
Speedway Stables
Spendthrift Farm
Springland Farm
Springland Farm
St. George Sales
St. Omers Farm
Starlight Racing
Starship Stables
Step Up Thoroughbred
Stephen A Diubaldo
Stephen B. Weissman
Stephen Ferguson
Stephen Holmes
Stephen Hope Sales
Stephen Luca
Stephen M Viola
Stephen Wolfson
Stephens Thoroughbreds
Steve Abelman
Steve Brunetti
Steve Cooper
Steve Decaspers
Steve Gasparelli
Steven Brandt
Steven Laymon
Steven Meier
Steven Perreira
Steven Smith
Steven T. Newby
Steven W. Young
Stewart L. Armstrong
Stonegate Stables
Stonehedge Farm South
Stonereath Farms
Stoneview Farm
Stormy Stables
Straightaway Farm
Stuart Freemark
Stuart Morris Bloodstock
Stuart S. Janney III
Stuart Tsujimoto
Stud Igual
Sugar Maple Farm
Summer Wind Farm
Summerfield Sales
Summerplace Farm
Sunday Morning Thoroughbreds
Sunny Lambson
Super C Racing
Susan Romeo
Swilcan Stables
Takaro Farm
Take A Shot
Tall Oaks Farm
Tanner Wingo
Taylor Made Farm
Taylor Made Sales
Team Hip Horse
Team Penney Racing
Team Valor
Tee-N-Jay Farm
Ten-Ten Enterprises
Terrence Severson
Terri Ligon
Terry Clyde
Terry Lovinger
The Acorn
The Baupost Group
The Thompson Family Trust
Theiline P. Scheumann
Third Street Partners
Thomas Cassidy
Thomas Chalin
Thomas J Gallo III
Thomas L Nichols
Thomas Mannion
Thomas Mastandrea
Thomas Nash
Thomas Remily
Thomas Schulte
Thomsen Racing
Three Crowns Farm
Three Diamonds/DKW Racing
Tim & Lisa Turney
Tim Beeson
Tim Girten
Tim Moline
Tim Yohler
Time Will Tell
Timothy Wickes
Todd Bloker
Tom Arndt
Tom Grether Farms
Tom Lemme
Tom McCrocklin
Tom Towe
Tommy Humphries
Tommy Short
Tony & Carol Busching Thoroughbreds
Tony Braddock
Top Hat Thoroughbreds
Top Notch Contracting
Top Yield Bloodstock
Traci Talsma
Travin Stables
Travis Durr
Travis Durr
Trudy Veinot
True to Form Bloodstock
Truit Trowbridge
Turf Stable
Twelve Gauge Stables
Two Hearts Farm
Two Rivers Racing Stable
Uphill Stable
Uplands Ruthie Farm
Upson Downs Farm
Valerie Peterson
Valkyre Stud
Valter M. Ramos
VanMeter Sales
Vann Belvoir
VEB Racing Stable Corp
Vereright Ltd
Vernon Obermeier
Vicente Portaro
Victor Bahna
Victor Jiminez Sainz
Victory Stable
Village Farm
Vince Harasymiak
Vincent Marchionno
Vincent Spathanas
Vinery Sales
Vossfeld Bloodstock Group
W J Zeringue
W Rowland Hancock
W Ruel Cowles
Walter Jones
Walter Vieser II
Ward Williford
Warrendale Sales
Wasabi Ventures Stables
Waterfall Bloodstock
Waterford Stable
Watershed Bloostock
Wavertree Stables
Wayne Spalding
Weathering Farm
Webb Carroll Training Center
West Point Thoroughbreds
Wild Currant Farm
Wilfredo J. Agusti
William & Sally Landes
William Artz
William Greenstein
William H. Fires
William Henry Crigler
William K. Helwig
William K. Werner
William L Smith
William Marks
William Mathews
William Myers
William S Reightler
William Shurman
William Terrill
Willow Racing/Custom Care Equine
Winchester Equine
Windermere Farm
Windhaven Farm
Windways Farm
Winfield {mickey} hopkins
Winstar Farm
Wintickett Farm
Winview Farms
Woodford Racing
Woodline Farm/Beau Lane Bloodstock
Woods Edge Farm
Woodside Ranch
Woodvale Farm
Wounded Warrior Stable/Santee Stables
Wynwood Thoroughbreds
X Press Thoroughbreds
Xavier International Bloodstock
Contributions to the NTRA Legislative Action Campaign are not tax-deductible. This is a full list of 2018 contributors and will be updated as the NTRA transitions to a new customer relationship management platform.

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