Federal Legislative Advocacy

The NTRA’s federal legislative advocacy team addresses issues that have a direct and material effect on Thoroughbred industry participants and their business activities, whether those activities relate to racing, breeding or pari-mutuel wagering.

Along with other industry stakeholder groups inside and outside of racing, the NTRA also supports Congressional education programs on matters like agriculture and immigration which affect all breeds and equine disciplines.

Two programs support the NTRA’s work on Capitol Hill.  The Legislative Action Campaign sustains the NTRA’s government relations and lobbying efforts.  NTRA’s political action committee, Horse PAC®, supports specific candidates for re-election.  Sellers and buyers at public auction, sales companies, owners, farms and horseplayers contribute to the Legislative Action Campaign.  Horse PAC® contributions come from individual NTRA members.

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For our industry, it is fundamental for us to have eyes, ears and voice monitoring the activity in Washington. NTRA has provided this leadership and for that I am most appreciative and strong support their efforts.
Headley Bell of Mill Ridge Farm, Lexington KY
Our farm lives are demanding enough. It’s good to know that the NTRA is there to promote our legislative needs. They have my continued support.
Scott Mallory of Mallory Farms, Lexington, KY
It is of vital importance that every segment of this wonderful industry support the legislative efforts of the NTRA on a national scene. Things just don’t happen and we industry stakeholders need to be supportive of groups that see to it that the right things do happen. As a longtime owner/breeder, I have always found the NTRA to be responsive and always taking a leadership role. I do support their efforts and thank them.
Donald Valpredo of Donald Valpredo Farms, Bakersfield, CA
As hard as those of us in the industry are working each day on our farms, we can’t forget how important it is to have a ‘sixth man’ like the NTRA supporting our team in Washington.
Josh Pons of Country Life Farm & Merryland Farm, Bel Air, MD

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Legislative Supporters

We wish to thank the following buyers, sellers, consignors, trainers and farms who contributed to the NTRA’s 2019 Legislative Action Campaign.

2019 Legislative Supporters
4M Ranch
5B Farm
A & B Stables
A & J Racing Stable
Anthony Chaudry
A1A Racing
Aaron Jones
Abbott Bloodstock
ABPR Partnership
Adam Rice
Adrian Regan
Al Pike
Alan Brodsky
Alan I. Kirshner
Alan Quartucci
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alex G. Campbell, Jr.
Alex Wong
Alifyfe Racing
Alison Fournogerakis
Alison Rakis
Allan Aldrich
Alliance Bloodstock
Alliance Sales
Altair Farms
Amy Bayle
Amy Elliott
Amy Jackson
Anderson Farms
Andre F. Regard
Andrew Andrews
Andrew Mckenzie
Andrew Motion
Andrew Warren
Andy Simoff
Angelinos Racing
Ann W. Merryman
Anthony J. Didier
Anthony J. Fontana
Anthony Margotta Jr
Anthony Pecoraro
Armonte Craig
Armstrong Thoroughbreds
Art DeNio
Ashbrook Farm
Ashview Farm
Asiel Stable
Audley Farm
August Dawn Farm
B. W. Austin
Baccari Bloodstock/Seclusive Farm
Bach Stables
Back Straight Farms
Backstretch Farms
Bakster Farms
Ballena Vista Farm
Ballysax Bloodstock
Bao Huang
Barry B. Conrad
Baseline Equine
Bell Bloodstock
Bernie Flint
Beryl J. Stokes, Jr.
Best A Luck Farm
Big Oak Farm
Bill Justice
Bill Witman
Billy Goodman
Birchwood Farm
Blackacre Farms
Blackburn Farm
Blackridge Stables
Blackstone Farm
Blackwood Stables
Blake R. Heap
Bloodstock Thoroughbreds
Bloom Racing Stable
Blue Transer
Bluegrass Thoroughbred Services
Bluewater Sales
Bo Hirsch
Bob Grayson
Bona Terra Stud
Bona Venture Stables
Bonne Chance Farm
Bortolazzo Stable
Boutte Training & Sales
Boyd Browning
Brad Hozack
Bradford T. Ray
Bradley Thoroughbred
Bran Jam Stable
Breezy Knob Farm
Brendan Walsh
Bret Calhoun
Brian Cruz
Brian Doxtator
Brian Hille
Brick City Thoroughbreds
Bridie Harrison
Bridlewood Farm
Bristol Feeney
Broken Oaks Stables
Brookdale Farm
Bruce Lunsford
Bruce Tallisman
Bruno Mathias
Bryan Anderson
Bryan Rice
Buckland Sales / Millennium Farms
Buena Madera
Burleson Farms
Burning Daylight Farms
Burns Thoroughbred racing
Byron and Jennifer Schunk
C and C Stables
Candyland Farm
Carem Stables
Carl Moore Management
Carlos & Gloria Martin
Carmen Pecord
Carrington Holdings
Cary Frommer
Casa Farms
Castle Stables
Catnip Lane Farm
Cave Brook Farm
Centennial Farms
Cesar Alcala
Champion Racing Stable
Chanceland Farm
Charles Fipke
Charles Rabon
Cherry Run Farm
Chesapeake Farm
Chester Bishop
Chester and Mary Broman
Chestertown Farm
China Horse Club International
Choctaw Racing Stable
Chris Carney
Chris Drakos
Chris Ewing
Chris Johnson
Christopher Britton
Christopher Sterbenz
Cicero Farms
CJ Hummel Horses
CJZ Racing Stable
Claiborne Farm
Classic Bloodstock
Clear Creek Stud
Cleber Massey
Cliff Racing
Clover Hill Farm
Coffee Pot Stables
Colebrook Farms
Colonial Farms
Colts Neck Stables
Columbiana Farm
Columbine Stable
Commonwealth New Era Racing
Cool Hill Farm
Copper Penny Stables
Corinthian Medical
Coty Rosin
Country Life Farm
Covington Farm
Craig Aguiar
Cres Ran Farms
Crestwood Farm
Cromwell Bloodstock / Hat Creek Racing
Cross Keys Sales
Crown Chase Farm
Crowning Point Farm
Crupper Bloodstock
CTR Stables
Cunningham Stables
Cutair Racing
Dale Shane Long
Dan Kobiskie
Dancing Wind Stables / D & I Stables
Daniel Eubanks
Daniel Heim
Daniel J Yates
Daniel Preiss
Darby Dan Farm
Dark Hollow Farm
Dave Neilson
David Buchanan
David Campbell
David Charlton
David D Heim
David Fawkes
David Ingordo
David Meah
David Scanlon
Dawn Martin-Haught
Daybreak Stables
De Savino Stable
Deborah Holmes
Delehanty Stock Farm
Dell Ridge Farm
Denali Stud
Dennis Foster
Denny Andrews
Derek Lawson
Diamond Creek Farm
Dividing Ridge Farm
Dom Felipe II
Dominique Damico
Don Danard
Don Sayban
Don Tiger
Donald Cooper
Donald K Strickland
Donald Samaan
Donald Valpredo
Dorsey Jackson
Douglas Scharbauer
Down the Stretch Racing
Downtown Equine Investments
Dr. & Mrs. Ruel Cowles
Dr. Charles Giles
Dr. John R Cummins
Dr. Roger Spiess
Dr. Terry L. Morgan
Dromoland Farm
Duncan Lloyd
Dundalk 5
Dutch Racing Stables
E 5 Racing Thoroughbreds
Eagle Point Farm
Eagle Ridge Racing
Earle I. Mack
East Hickman Bloodstock
Eaton & Thorne
Eaton Sales
Ed Moger, Jr.
Eddie Kenneally
Eddie Woods
Edition Farm
Edward Ortiz
Edwin Mundo-Rios
Eileen Matson
EKQ Stables Corp
Eladio Acevedo
Elise W. Kendall
Elm Tree Farm
EMFO Racing
Empire Equines
English Range Farm
Epona Stables
Equine Farm Management
Eric Reed
Erin McElwee
ERJ Racing
Ernest M Haynes
Ernest W Witt
Ernesto Fanilla
Ernie Sherman
Eugene E. Woolsey
Everything's Cricket Racing
Exclusive Equine Investments
Fairview Farms
Falling Creek Partners
Farfellow Farms
Fleetwood Bloodstock
Fleming Thoroughbred Farm
Flying Diamond Farm
Flying F Stable
Forgotten Land Investments
Formal Bloodstock
Foundations Farm
Fox Ridge Farm
Foxglove Stable
Foxpointe Holdings
Frances Paolangeli
Francis Daniel III
Francoise Dupuis
Frank Bertolino
Frank DeMarco
Frank Russo
Frankfort Park Farm
Franklin Avenue Equine
Fred & Linda Alexander
Fred Allor
Fred Desimone
Fred P Schwartz
Freyer Bloodstock
Gabe Grossberg
Gainesway Farm
Garrencasey Sales
Gary & Angie Stevens
Gary & Jane Chervenell
Gary K. Tussey
Gary Mayo
Gateway Thoroughbreds
Gateway to Sanity Stables
Gatsas Stables
Gay Wynn
Gayle Van Leer
Gene & Charlene Tenbrink
Genesis Racing
Gentry Stable
Geocel Ranch
George Ruggiero, Jr.
George Weaver
Gerard Stutchberry
Gerwyn Jones
Glen "Bo" Bromagen
Glen Oak Farm
Glenangus Farm
Glendalough Farm
Glenn Sorgenstein
Good Luck Farm (Ky)
Grandview Equine
Grassroots Training & Sales
GRD Two Racing
Greenmount Farm
Greg Verderber
Greycross Stables
Grovendale Farm
H & E Ranch
Handal Racing
Hannah Mathiesen
Happy Tenth Stable
Hard Farm
Hardacre Farm
Hare Hill Farm
Harold A May
Harris Farms
Harris Training Center
Harry Landry Bloodstock
Hartwell Farm
Harvey A. Clarke
Havens Bloodstock Agency
Heaven Trees Farm
Hermitage Farm
Hidden Brook Farm
Hill ‘N Dale (Illinois)
Hill 'n' Dale (Kentucky)
Hillcrest Farm
Hillwood Stable
Hinkle Farms
HMA 812
Hobby Horse Stables
Hoolie Racing Stable
Hoppel's Horse & Cattle
Horseplayers Racing Club
Houston Farms
Hronis Racing
Hugh H. Robertson
Hunter Valley Farm
Hurstland Farm
I.P. Knelman
Ian C. Howard
Ina Bond
Indian Creek Farm
Iron Sand Farm
Ital-Cal Horse Management
Ivery Sisters Racing
J Richard Perkins
J S Stables
J. Keith Desormeaux
J. Kirk & Judy Robison
J. R. Ward Stables
J.D. Business Ventures
J.R. Caldwell
Jack R. Swain
Jackpot Farm
Jacob West
Jagger, Inc.
James Anderson
James D Stipp
James F. Gilmore
James Jankiewicz
James M. Connors
James M. Herbener Jr.
James P. Abel
Jamie Ness
Janet Del Castillo
Jay Em Ess Stable
Jay Hanley
Jay Reese
JCE Racing
JD Farms
JDLP Holdings Inc
Jeff Bonde Racing Stables
Jeff Greenhill
Jeffrey D. Kallenberg
Jeffrey Treadway
Jennifer Evancic
Jeremiah Kane
Jeremiah O'Dwyer
Jerome and Kristina Russell
Jerry Caroom
Jerry Charles Laughter
Jerry S Brumley
Jim & Susan Hill
Jim Daniell
Jim Gladwell
Jim Smith
Jim Tichenor
Jimbo and Torie Gladwell
Joann Smith
Job Turner
Joe Merrick
Joe R. Peacock
John & Allegra Ernst
John & Breeda Hayes
John & Emma Krohn
John A. Hancock
John A. Stuart
John C Oxley
John C. Kimmel
John Ennis
John Erdel
John Gaynor
John Irwin
John Julia
John K Childs Sr
John McAllen
John Moirano
John P. Warren
John Parker
John Ropes
John Royer
John Russell
John Servis
John Sondereker
John T. Crane Jr.
Joker Racing
Jon Jazdzewski
Jonathan Maldonado
Jonathan Nance
Jonathan Thorne
Jorge Luis Gonzalez
Jorge Periban
Jorge V. Gonzalez
Jose M. Garcia-Blanco
Joseph Calvo
Joseph DiRico
Joseph G. Bucci
Joseph Lowe
Joseph V. Shields, Jr.
JP Racing Stable
JRita Young Thoroughbreds
Juddmonte Farm
Julianna Hawn Holt
Juve Stables
Kaitar Racing
Kallenberg Thoroughbreds
Karl Seitz
Kate Lantaff Thoroughbreds
Kathleen Willier
Kathryn Hegedus
Katie Lisowski
KatieRich Farms
Keene Ridge Farm
Keith Lancaster
Kelly Lively
Ken Meyer
Kennesaw Mountain Racing
Kenneth Fishbein
Kenneth McMahan
Kevin Scatuorchio
Khalid Mishref
Kieron Magee
Kim Eshleman
Kim Smith
Kindergarten Farm
Kingfield Stables
Kingsport Farm
Kinross Corporation
Kinsman Farm
Kinsman Stud Farm
Klaravich Stables/LRK Racing
Konrad Wayson
Kretz Racing
Kueber Racing
L. G.
Lake Star Stable
Lance R and Valerie Gabriel
Lane's End Farm
Langsem Farm
Larry D. Williams
Larry Keyner Mejias
Late Night Stables
Lawrence M. Smith
Lazy Lane Farm
LC Racing
Lee Lewis
Legacy Bloodstock
Legacy Ranch
Leonard A Pelullo
Leonard Liberto
Leslie Hammond
Leverett & Linda Miller
Liebau Farms
Lili Kobielski
Linda Gaudet
Linda Walls
Lisa Wall
Little Man Farm
Little's Bloodstock
LNJ Foxwoods
Logan Farm
Longford Farm
Loooch Racing Stables
Lorna Gray
Lotts Creek Farm / Dabbs Hickman Hill & Cannon
LRE Racing
Lucas Downs
Lucy Y. Hamilton
Maccabee Farm
Machmer Hall / Select Sales
Madaket Stables
Magic Cap Stables
Mahoney Eden Manor
Manitou Farm
Marc Detampel
Marc McLean
Marcelo Polanco
Marefields Farm
Marjorie J Strieter
Mark & Julia Taylor
Mark Casse
Mark Grier
Mark Mathiesen
Marshall Silverman
Martin S. Schwartz
Martin Valenzuela
Marvin Little, Jr. Estate
Mashnee Stables
Mason Springs
Mat Groff
Mathis Stables
Matthew Lyons
Matthew Schera
Matties Racing Stable
McCarthy Racing
McMahon & Hill Bloodstock
McMahon Of Saratoga Thoroughbreds
McPeek Racing / Magdalena Farm
Me II Racing
Megan Kerford
Men's Grille Racing
Mer-Lyn Farms
Merriebelle Farm
Merrill Roberts
Michael Bello
Michael De Broglio
Michael Dubb
Michael L Milam
Michael Lund Peterson
Michael Mellen
Michael R. Di Tomasso
Michael R. Macey
Michael Repole
Michael Schmidt
Michael Trombetta
Michael Turpen
Michele Castillo
Michelle Nevin
Midway Thoroughbreds
Miguel Carranza
Mike Dini
Mike Langford
Mike Pietrangelo
Mike Schiano Di Cola
Milan Kosanovich
Mill Ridge Farm
Mindy Powell-hodges
Monarch Stables
Monte Turner
Montesacro Farm
Moonestone Farm
Mopo Racing
Morrell Bloodstock
Morton Robbins
Moserwood Farm
Mountmellick Farm
Mulholland Farm
Mulholland Springs
N W Management
Neal Allread
Neal Coulardot
Ned Williams
Needle In A Haystack
Newtown Anner Stud Farm / J. T. Magen & Co.
Niall Brennan
Niall Reilly
Niall Saville
Nick de Meric
Nick Hines
Nick Nosowenko
Nick Sanna
Nicky Drion
Nils Johnson
NK Racing
Norma Lee Stockseth
North American Thoroughbred / Hastings Racing Club
Northview Stallion Station
Novogratz Stables
Nursery Place
Nyala Farm / Kathleen O'Connell Racing Stable
O J Jauregui
Oak Lodge USA
Oakridge Farms
Off The Hook
Old Chapel Farm
Oliver Fortune
Omar Ramirez
Oracle Bloodstock
Orchard Lane Thoroughbreds
Oxmoor Sales
P J Arnold Bloodstock
Pamela C Ziebarth
Paramount Sales
Parkway Farm
Parrish Farms
Patricia Chapman
Patrick Hoppel
Patrick Masson
Patrick Q. Maguire
Paul & Karen Eggert
Paul Aguirre
Paul Bryan Miller
Paul Mouttet
Paul Pompa, Jr.
Peachtree Farm
Perry Harrison
Pete Mattson
Peter A. Leidel
Peter E. Blum Thoroughbreds
Peter Miller
Peter Shindel
Phil Oliver
Philip A Sims
Philip Dicosmo
Phillip Wright
Phipps Stable
Phoenix Farm & Racing
Phoenix Ladies Syndicate III
Phoenix Thoroughbred
Pick View Stables
Pinnacle Racing Stable
Pioneer Pinhooking / Wynnstay Farm
Pope McLean
Pope McLean Jr
Pristinus Thoroughbreds
Q Bar J Thoroughbreds
Qatar Racing / Qatar Bloodstock Ltd
Quarter Pole Enterprises
Quatrefoil Racing Stables
Quincy Hoppel
R Marie Farms
R.C. Cline Thoroughbreds
R3 Racing
Rags Racing Stable
Ralph D'Amico
Ralph Ebert
Randy Bradshaw
Raul Ramirez
Raymond & Dawn Mencio
Rebecca E. Maker
Rebecca Galbraith
Red Brick Farm
Reddam Racing
Redmon Farm
Reeves Thoroughbred Racing
Reineman Bloodstock
Respect the Valleys
Respite Farm
RGP Ocala Holdings
Rhapsody Farm / RF HF Bloodstock
Ricehorse Stables
Richard Ciavardone
Richard D Kessler
Richard Davis
Richard Jackson
Richard Maloouf
Richard Schmollinger
Richard Vega
Richard Wukich
Richie's World Stables
Rick Buckley
Rick Kueber
Rick Lopez
Rick Taylor
Ridenjac Racing
Rigney Racing / JCM Racing