Q: John Deere’s relationship with the NTRA Advantage program has been quite successful, with over $1 billion in sales.  How has John Deere enjoyed their relationship with the equine industry throughout North America?

A: “John Deere has proudly been the official equipment supplier of the equine industry since 2001.  We are committed to providing the entire equine community with quality equipment at an exclusive, discounted price.  What makes this partnership special is how we are able to reinvest money back into various equine industries throughout the United States and Canada thanks to the success of this program.”

Q: How important are the events John Deere participates in each year throughout the United States and Canada? 

A: “John Deere participates in various equestrian events all over the United States and Canada throughout the year. It is important to be involved with the entire equine industry, so we strive to have a presence at all types of events including; the Land Rover Kentucky 3-Day Event, AQHA World Show, the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup World Championship as a few examples. These events provide us outstanding exposure where we are able to promote the John Deere Equine Discount Program to large audiences. Our goal is for the equine communities to know we support their passion, regardless of the equine discipline.”

Q: Where do I go to learn about the program and receive the John Deere discounts?

A: “Everything you need to know can be found at JohnDeere.com/equine.  You will find the details, discounts offerings and how to obtain them.  Another option is to call the NTRA Advantage at (866) 678-4289 and a representative will guide the member to determine the best program for their needs.”

Q: How do I become eligible for the equine programs?  What kind of discounts can a customer receive from John Deere?

A: “Anyone who is an active, dues-paying member of an equine association for 30+ days can qualify for one of the three available programs – Part Time, Full Time, or Racetrack.

Qualification is based on your equine operation and will be verified by NTRA Advantage along with your association membership.  Full details  on the discount levels for qualifying members can be found on the aforementioned locations or from the NTRA representative.”

Q: John Deere has numerous educational videos for its customers. John Deere always tries to provide the most up-to-date and informative content regarding education. Where can consumers find these tips to learn and better take care of their property?

A: “Videos, tips and editorial can be found throughout the John Deere website.  Check out tipsnotebook@deere.com. Each John Deere line of equipment has plenty of information for you to make the right decision.  However, you will be best served to visit your local dealer who can ask the right questions and fit you with the right equipment for your property.”

Q: Is there anything new coming on the horizon that you can share with the equine world?

A: “John Deere strives to provide customers with the highest quality products and innovation that satisfy customer needs to help those linked to the land. Please check with our website (www.deere.com) to see the latest products and technologies.”